Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cats, Claps...and Slaps/

Oh no! It's been so long since I posted that I've forgotten what the titles are supposed to look like. I know I use the Hugify Text button and some kind of limey greeney colour, but I forget if there is a space before the forward slash. I know, I know...I could just check the blog, but I'm testing my memory skills (which translates to: "I'm too lazy".)

So...loads and loads of news. Where do I even begin? about...the new apartment:

Well, KRAM is certainly an apt name for my new bachelor pad. It is TINY! Oh, hey, look at that -- there's a 'tiny' button. I'm going to use it. So, yeah, my new apartment is tiny. Like so tiny that when I'm standing in the living room, my bum is in the kitchen. So tiny that Rufus actually looks more like a whale trapped in a cage than a cat. So tiny that when Martha tries to run from one end of the apartment to the other, just as she picks up speed, she has to stop, so she inevitably ends up sliding into the wall headfirst. So tiny that I don't need wireless internet, because the ethernet cable reaches everywhere in the apartment. So tiny that my bed doubles as a couch/armchair/cat bed/very soft shelf/table for popcorn. Yeah. Tiny. neighbours are a TOTAL NIGHTMARE. On one side, they listen to dance music at full volume ALL DAY. Who dances all day? Who dances at home? Who even likes dance music? Who can bear that relentless bass? (If you're picturing a pushy fish right now, I mean the other kind of bass.) The other gentleman who I share a wall with enjoys playing video games in the middle of the night, also at full volume. And I don't mean Pac Man, here. I mean horrible screaming bloody gun-filled boobalicious awfulness. And he cheers for himself when he kills someone. Who are these people?

Other than that, it's a lovely apartment. I adore the location and having my own little space. Martha and Rufus are the best of friends (um...they're supposed to rip each other's fur out, right? It's a sign of love, right? Guys? Hello? Anyone?) The sunlight pours in through the window in the morning and wakes me up the way I love to be woken up. (Except on the days that some moron ties his dog up right outside my window at 5am and goes into Tim Horton's for half an hour while the dog wails his little lungs out. I don't love that so much.) All in all, though -- a happy home, KRAMmed as it is.

Now...the trip to Los Angeles. Wow. Yikes. Yipes. Holy moly. Ya ya ya. (That means "it was fun".) On Thursday, we had the first ever screening of A Dog's Breakfast, my brother David's directorial film debut. There was a lineup outside the theatre and the film was sold out! I was incredibly nervous, so while David worked his magic and made his way down the line talking to the Stargatonians, I...well...I hid. I've never really been in a situation like that before, and I didn't know what to do! I wanted to talk to people, but I wondered if they'd be like "Why is that girl from the Scotiabank commercial following David around?" kind lady approached me and talked about McKay and Mrs. Miller, so I felt a little more comfortable after that. Then the musical genius Tim Williams showed up, so I proudly hung out with him all night. The film was fantastic! I haven't seen it before, and I loved it! It's really David's movie -- almost all the humour comes from his antics and his unbelievable comic timing. He is simply hilarious. (I'm sucking up because I smacked him on the forehead on Saturday in front of hundreds of people at the convention.) The movie really is great, though. The script is hilarious and David's performance made me laugh so hard I was crying. I was trying to be quiet because there has to be some rule about chuckling away at a movie you're actually in, but I couldn't keep it in. To everyone reading this: ask for a screening in your city or town, if you haven't already -- it will be well worth your while! Paul, Rachel, Chris, Amanda, Michael and of course Mars the wonder dog also did a great job and the music is AMAZING. Tim is going to make some serious money off the soundtrack if/when it gets released.

Okay, enough gushing.

Now onto the convention. My first convention. I was sort of expecting thousands of screaming people dressed up like Hermiod, but it wasn't like that at all. Everyone was so great and so supportive. The first Q&A (for A Dog's Breakfast) was a bit scary, but after I slapped David, I felt much better. On Sunday, David and I did another Q&A (which was slightly less nerve-wracking) and then an autograph session. Other than the fact that I'm left-handed and smeared marker across most of the photos I signed, the signing was a big success. It was so nice to meet everyone. David teased me mercilessly about the photo of me that I was signing. I thought it was a gorgeous photo -- if you're into cross-eyed, overly happy people who clap enthusiastically while playing with a train set. (It's so funny!)

Anyway...I know it's shameless to post a picture of myself signing autographs, but it was a wild and crazy experience for me (and it's the only photo of the convention M. took that I can actually use) so I decided to include it. I didn't bring my camera, because the pictures are always so dark that it's sort of a waste of time unless I'm taking a picture of a light bulb. The sole (again, not the fish) reason I haven't posted a photo of Martha is because she's got black fur and she doesn't show up in any of the pictures. I might as well have adopted a pile of black socks with two green eyes stuck in the middle of them.

Los Angeles itself is a really cool city. I could never live there, because I don't have a driver's license and I would be hitchhiking to auditions, but it's a great place to visit. I'm sitting here bundled up in my winter coat reminiscing about a morning swim M. and I had three days ago. THREE DAYS AGO! Crazy.

This is a loooooong post. Wow. Enough.

For those of you I got to was a real pleasure. Cat, I am so sorry that we didn't get to meet up at the convention, but I will email you soon. Julie, Jen the fan girl (if that's your real name...) and all those who helped out with the screening, thank you for all your hard work on promoting A Dog's Breakfast. I hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did!

Happy Wednesday. I hope it's warmer where you are.



Blogger Elandria Lore said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself at the convention! I can imagine it being a nerve wracking experience at first, but once you do it a couple of times I'm sure--or at least I would hope--that it gets easier.

(I'm sucking up because I smacked him on the forehead on Saturday in front of hundreds of people at the convention.)

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that we've all heard about that already. But hey, it made you relax and that's the most important part:)

Conrats on your new place as well. I really hope the neighbors settle down for you.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Hedgehog said...

Those palm trees are superb; all prettified and lighted up. I wish trees here were like that but they aren't, they are just trees.

As for the neighbours, I'm a slightly more toned down version of game playing guy and I have behind-me-and-slightly-to-the-right neighbours who are like the other one. A couple of months ago, they evidently lost their dance music CD and replaced it with a Universal Films soundtrack compliation.... and ended up dancing about the back yard to the theme to Jaws.

Say Hi to David for me. He doesn't know me or anything, but if you feel like it, go ahead.

It's bloody freezing here :/


1:49 PM  
Blogger elfgirl said...

OMG. Your apartment even made your post tiny! ::gasps::


I'm still dreadfully sad that I couldn't make it to the ADB screening, but hopefully David, Jane & co. will make it over to the east coast at some point.

Good to hear that the convention went well. I'm sure the head slap was well deserved. :)

I think horrible neighbors come standard with most apartments, sadly. Maybe you can teach Martha and Rufus to sing, a la one of those "cat choruses", and entertain your neighbors in return?

Stay warm and snuggle the kitties for all of us. (Although, snuggling may be an inevitable thing, considering the size of KRAM.)

1:49 PM  
Blogger kittenz2006 said...

Dear Kate
Welcome back and congrats on ADB screening and the convention. All reports say you were brilliant as was the film.
As to the biting and wrestling (it's definitely cat love)- at least mine have been doing it for a year and haven't killed each other yet.
Your neighbours sound er..Lovely. I have a woman in her late 50's who strips naked and dances in her backyard at full moons (I believe she is practicing Wicca, of course it could be a hormonal thing- but I'm just to Canadian to be impolite and ask), so I just leave the curtains closed.
As to smacking your brother in the forehead, well, what can I say except "you rock", I personally frequently wish to whack mine (with something much heavier than my hand), but have never had the nerve. So from me to you "thank you". L.

1:51 PM  
Blogger pavaneofstars said...

Glad you had a fantastic time at the screening and Burbank Con. :) I was at the screening and had a fab time! Who cares about the rule where the people in the film aren’t supposed to laugh at it? lol ;) This movie is absolutely hysterical!! I loved it!! Congrats! It’s going to be a huge success when it gets out there to be seen. When is that btw? Soon I hope. ;)

And thank you ever so much for having my picture taken with you and your patience as my friend who was taking the pic was having troubles w/my camera (it took us 3 tries) *blushes*. Thanks again! :D

1:58 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Yes, thanks for taking the time to post again. Love reading your posts. And yes a fan of yours (ok and David's :) )

Looking foward to one day soon to see ADB in my neck of the woods.


2:05 PM  
Anonymous Katya said...

The film was wonderful, and it was great to get a chance to talk with you. I'm glad I could put you a little more at ease.

The great comic timing must be genetic, because you've got it, too, as evidenced by the perfectly timed slap at Saturday's Q&A. Your interaction with David reminds me of mine with my brother, except that I'm the older sibling. When my brother was growing up, he often complained that he couldn't do anything to shock our parents because I'd already done everything; he shaved his hair into a mohawk and dyed it apple green when he was in ninth grade and our parents yawned. *g*

On the subject of Rufus and Martha, so long as they're not actually damaging each other in earnest, it's probably just affection and playfulness. The feline equivalent of smacking one another in front of Christopher Plummer. *koff*

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Jessikast said...

I'm so impressed that you are owning the tininess of your flat! I've spent years insisting that the place I live is *cosy*. Like a hobbit hole.

Also, I did request a screening of ADB in my town, but I have no idea if the distribution is going to make its way out to New Zealand.... *crosses fingers* I'm dying to see it!

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrat on the new apartment and the new cat. I am convinced that cats are another intelligent lifeform that shares the planet (reluctantly) with us.

Heard about the head smacking! Crossing fingers in hopes to see A Dog's Breakfast soon. I'm not too optimistic to get a screening here in Louisville, KY. I've asked around the movies website and it seems I'm the fan here that posts.

I have been wondering if I could bribe David into a screening here with food. I have heard that is the way to go to bribe him.
Louisville, KY

2:12 PM  
Blogger Becky S said...

I'm so very glad you had such a good time with the screening and convention! From the reports I've read, it sounds as if everyone who went had a great time. And the ones who got to talk to you thought you were just wonderful.

As for your neighbors...I'm sorry they aren't that great. Wish I could change that for you. Kind of agree with elfgirl, having the cats sing might be 'entertaining'.

Now that you've been to one convention, I hope you'll get the chance to go to a few more from time to time. Look forward to meeting you some day.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Emma said...

I can relate to noisy neighbours...I live in student accomodation and one of my flatmates has a phat bass, multi-amp-level adjusting, ultra sub-woofing, surround sound system (okay so I made most of those words up, but you get my point)...two words for you....ear might sleep through your alarm the next morning, but you'll have the best nights sleep you've ever had.

Well done with the film/Q & A/ convention stuff....reading some of the reports about it sounds like your a natural, really wish I could have ditched uni and maxed out my cards to fly out to LA...I really want to see ADB! I could use some humor in my life at the moment too.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Misty aka s_aurius said...

YAY! Glad to see a new post. :) Congratulations on getting all settled into your new place. Hopefully your neighbors will quiet down a bit.

Heh, yeah pulling tufts of fur out is definitely a sign of love. :D Just cause they scream like they're killing each other doesn't mean anything. Mine do it to each other all the time and they all grew up together. :p

I am so glad that you enjoyed your first convention! I wish I could have been there. :( I would have loved to have been at the screening as well. I have put in my request so hopefully I'll be able to see the movie soon!

2:39 PM  
Blogger windshieldbug said...

(Martha tries to run from one end of the apartment to the other, just as she picks up speed, she has to stop, so she inevitably ends up sliding into the wall headfirst.) My cat does this too....and my house isn't too small. I wonder if they just have a thing for walls??

I completely understand nightmare neighbors. I had one that recently got deployed to now it's quiet!

So happy you had fun at the Screening & Con. You realize that we've been DIEING to hear from you and David?? I mean I've checked your blog and his news daily (repeatedly) to see if yall updated. I like your pic of the con. No longer a Con-Virgin. Woohoo!

Happy US Turkey Day! (Since Canada already had theirs.)

2:41 PM  
Blogger Melantha said...

So glad the screening went well! Sounds like much fun was had all round! Hope we get the chance to see it real soon!

Gah, my brother plays those shooting/explosion games 'til the early hours of the morning and it is sooo disturbing! Plus he plays them online so talks and shouts into the microphone!

Aw, I love hearing about your cats! Cats are love :)

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Tracy Jane said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the convention, Kate! This weekend was my first convention experience too; I was in London at Amanda Tapping's Gabit con.

If you want my honest opinion (which you probably don't!), you really don't have any reason to get nervous. After all, you are the reason many of these people went to the con.

If they weren't interested in seeing you or getting your autograph, they wouldn't have come to the talk or paid for the autograph.

Crap. I'm gonna stop now because I have a horrible feeling that I've just made you ten times MORE nervous!

T x

Kate, these people were there to see you because they love who you are and the wonderful, witty, compassionate and intelligent woman you come across as in your blog.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Zerocool said...

I can't imagine anything more scarry than 'fans' so if this is your first experience of them welldone. Can't blame you for wanting to hide I'd be terrified. I think I count as a fan but I have no idea what I'd be like with a group of them.
Glad you enjoyed it. I can't wait to see it.

Could you slap your brothers head again until he posts his big announcment.
Go on you know you want to ;-)

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Tracy Jane said...

Random.... somehow on that last comment of mine, the last bit showed up in the middle. The "crap..." bit was supposed to be the end. And there's no edit feature. Damn.

3:02 PM  
Blogger Margie said...

Hi Kate! I'm one of those giddy fans that got to take a picture with you on the night of the screening! I was so excited to meet both you and your brother! You both did an awesome job in A Dog's Breakfast. I laughed so hard my stomach ached by the end. :)

And it was great that you all were there to do a Q&A, even if it was cut a little short by the next screening. I did have a question though that I was too nervous and flustered to ask that night. So I thought I'd ask it here and if you felt like answering that would be cool.

You said in that phone interview that even though David wrote the part for you it was a little difficult (or at least more difficult than your role on stargate). I was wondering what you found easy about the role? And if there was anything you brought in from your actual relationship with David that made it easy, fun, etc.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks again for going to the screening and for letting me get a picture with you and autographing my flyer! My sister-in-law will attest to how happy and giddy I was afterward :)


3:02 PM  
Blogger [J]oe said...

I'm so happy you had a great time at ADB and at the convention, but Kate; don't be so nervous! We wouldn't be there if we didn't love you! :D

It's soooo not fair that I couldn't come to the premiere; bring it to England! I'll travel anywhere here to come see it and meet you and David and the crew! I'm thinking of taking a gap year in Canada, so when i'm there i need to come and see UnSpun!

Damn neighbours! Perhaps set the cat's on them? Well not rufus, i can't imagine him going anywhere fast. I set up my blog for some reason, no one will ever read it, but i'll post some pics on there of my cat :D she's ace!

Ooo question - is 11 cameras coming to dvd?, can i get it in England? or order it off Canadian amazon? I really want to see it :(

Much Love x


3:06 PM  
Blogger Linz said...

Hi Kate! Glad to see you had a great time at the convention and got to smack David around a little ;) The screening was wonderful and it was great meeting you! You are an absolute delight and your acting in the movie was amazing. Trust me, I think all of us in the line knew who you were ;) but we didn't want to scare you off, lol.

As for your apartment neighbours :( Anyway you could just happen to "accidentally" turn off their electricity in the breaker box? I did that once... it gave me a few hours of peace and quiet (I had a guy who would play video games above me and would jump around while shooting people...) Perhaps they will calm down? I sure hope so!

I agree about LA, I didn't want to leave... so warm... I went to Dallas after the screening, nice and toasty there too! But then... coming back home Sunday evening, I got off the plane and it was SNOWING. So I share in your freezing of the bum.

Again, thanks for letting me get a picture with you and your autograph. And I'm really glad you had a wonderful time!

3:20 PM  
Blogger Jan said...

So glad to hear about your cats and your trip to LA for the screening! I saw a few pictures taken at the screening by various fans, and you looked MAHvelous (yes, with a capital MAH) in red. It's a good color for you! You far exceeded your gorgeosity quotient with your teeny little pink purse.

Let it be known to all and sundry (especially sundry) that I will gladly make cupcakes if you and yours decide to come to teeny Ithaca, NY for a screening...

3:30 PM  
Blogger asexymama said...

I'm sorry to hear you were feeling shy at the ADB screening - I was there and I spotted you, but felt a bit shy approaching you myself. Now I'm sort of kicking myself for it! I laughed myself sick at the movie, though, and must commend you on your performance. You were great and hilarious, and you rocked those glamorous dresses with class ;).

As the mama of a black cat myself, I sympathize about not seeing pictures of Martha. My cat also has the tendency to close her eyes whenever I take pictures of her, so I end up telling people, "just imagine a big ball of black fur, and that's pretty much her."

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Sue said...

It's great to hear/read from you once again *whee*

I'm sorry you have annoying neighbours and not only on one side, but on both of them... I totally can empathize with you and I hope it'll get better...
And for your tiny apartment, I hope you'll get used to it and it's not that bad =( *hugs*

Oh I'm so jealous of everyone who had the chance to meet you. Don't you wanna come to a Convention in Germany? :DD

I'm sure it'll take years for A Dog's Breakfast to air here ;__; I'd love to see it, but at the moment I'm sure it'll be anytime but soon...

It's cold here, too and I've been freezing all day long... Now I now, why I like summer better...

3:34 PM  
Blogger angel_cub said...

I'm glad you enjoyed LA... Sadly I just didn't have several thousand pounds laying around in my bank account to fly to LA to catch a movie, no matter how fantastic it is!

So now you've had a taste of conventions you're going to do more right? Like Wolf Pegasus 2 in Feb? *looks pleadingly* We'll all behave, honest *looks as sweet as possible* (and you don't know me but really, that's a hardship for me *grins).

I hope your neighbours start behaving... or you could threaten to set your brother on them... *grins*


3:52 PM  
Blogger LttleDvl said...

Well, it is probably warmer down here, but also a lot wetter. We got dumped on last night & this morning. Driving to work through sheets of rain was *so* fun. Not! And with the wind there's a new thing. Have you ever seen the wind blowing so hard that it actually sends the rain AWAY from your windsheild? To the point where even though it's raining, you're windshield is completely dry? *blinks* That was different.

Anyway, thanks for the update. And I agree with what zero said. If David doesn't post his big news soon, could you smack him for us squirrels? Thanks!

3:52 PM  
Blogger Dr. Kinney said...

I am glad you enjoyed yourself! I can't wait until David's film is distributed.

3:59 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

So glad to hear that you lost your con virginity to a warm crowd. Actually, though, I doubt you would ever find a bad crowd at any sci-fi convention. We're pretty cool people.

I do have to admit that I heard the audio of your Q&A from someone who totally didn't illegally tape it. (No. Not at all!) You're a natural! Too bad it wasn't on video. You could just splice that part with the slap and watch it over and over and over.... (I totally do the same thing to my brother and he just turned 40!)

Of course, then David had to go and tell that story about the moon walking incident. Meanie!

You looked lovely at the premiere, by the way. Everyone wants that blouse, now.

As for your tiny bachelor pad? You should check out and look for the show "Small Spaces." They specialize in maximizing the teeny tiny places!

Now that you're back, we expect to hear more and more about how the play's going! (No pressure, or anything.)

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Dawn said...

Yea Kate's back!!!

I admit it; I have been patiently though eagerly awaiting your return to L.I.T. All of blogdom has not been the same and David has yet to post anything from the ADB screening. It was nice to get your impressions of it; you my dear are officially a Hollywood star. And if you do not believe me, just wait until the film makes it to the big screen for all to see.

I can not sympathize with noisy neighbors of your magnitude but I did spend six years living beneath a partially deaf heavy snorer. He also tended to have his loudest conversations at 4am with his friends in the driveway which bordered my (non-double pane) window.

As for the feline ruckus, it is (as many others have commented) normal. If is when they go for long periods of time not acknowledging each other’s existence that you know they are up to something. Quite, well behaved cats cannot be trusted.

6:02 PM  
Blogger Jen the Fangirl said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbours. :( And their antics...I'm flashing to a scene in ADB now. You should only be doing that in your acting, not in your real life.

Glad to hear that you liked LA! I was nervous for you with how it was your first time to a convention. I'll tell you, though, if you were around before the screening, I would have bounced over to chat (but I'm sure you know that! *L*) There would have others who would have chatted with you, as well. I don't know of that commercial you mean (haven't seen it *F*). Just know of your blog and your appearance on "McKay and Mrs. Miller." When you're doing another play in the Toronto area, I'm trying to get my friend who is over there to see you.

Did you get any strange things to sign? Sometimes people bring interesting things to be signed. And by the way: THANK YOU FOR SIGNING THE POSTER!!! :D I'm going to try to get other members of the production staff to sign it, too. I'd like to see the Lenic brothers again to ask them to sign it. I was kind of nervous about approaching them, so I didn't. :( If there's another showing I can get to around here, or at Dragon*Con, the poster is coming with.

Speaking about why not to stay in LA, I'm with you. *L* I bribe my friends for a ride, but I don't have a car of my own, nor a license. I spend my money on fan items, often conventions, books, and music. I don't get to LA as often as I like, but I'm content with living within its influence.

Heh. No, this is my fangirl guise. :D But my real name is starting to pop up in fandom-related activities, too. Jennifer Redelle Carey is the real name.

Thank you for coming out to LA. :D I had an amazing ammount of fun with the pre-screening activities, the screening, and the convention. I'm sorry that it's over. :( I still want to do advertising.

6:19 PM  
Blogger vorador said...

You're back!!

Glad to see you're doing well in the new apt. Your neighbors sound like they're lovely persons...I think ear plugs would do the trick as someone said before, or you could call the police and get them all arrested, but I think that would probably ruin your so close (at least in terms of audio) relationship with them.

About LA, it seems like it was awesome. I'm really jealous about all the people that could be there with you, seeing the ADB screening or being in the con. Probably I would never see ADB here ( I hope that if it comes to DVD I will at least be able to buy it somewhere) and I will never be able to go to any con. :(

At the moment (23:33) it's 16ºC outside, so I guess it could be worse.

6:42 PM  
Blogger M said...

Glad to hear that you had a great time!

I've only been to a handful of conventions - the second one was actually your brother's first trip to Australia last year I think.

I didn't know anyone then, didn't speak with anyone and was pretty much alone for a lot of time. It was very daunting to to this event where everyone was practically a veteran and to make it worse I was sick. I only spoke with David very briefly - I'm not much of a talker with people I don't know but I thought he was very funny on stage with Paul.

I did later on meet some nice people and now I drag friends if I can!

Yeah, I've been bad - I have not even requested a screening here but I will get to it! :)

And yay for your new apartment - it's your place regardless of size... though I like the idea of poor Rufus looking like a whale!

6:53 PM  
Anonymous shelsfc said...

Congrats on the screening, it sounds like it was a huge success!! I wish I could have been there! (I'm still hoping you'll all be able to bring it over for a screening in Ireland :D )

Glad you enjoyed yourself at the convention, and I hope you get to do some more!

Best of luck with the neighbours! I hope they settle down a bit!

6:58 PM  
Blogger kiffle said...

Kate, I wanted to talk to you about our twin cats but then I thought, how lame to talk about my cat to a really cool actress at her first convention. As it was, if you recall (which you totally shouldn't because I'm so lame), I was the spasmodically shaking girl taking pictures of your brother with a tiny teddy bear after your Q&A about the film.

Anyway, I'm sad I couldn't make the screening, but I'm looking forward to hearing about the distribution!

7:11 PM  
Blogger Erynn said...

Ah, Kate -- I've lived in postage stamps like that before and can utterly sympathize.

I'm delighted you had a good time at the screening and at the con. I know you met some of my friends there (they were the ones talking about the Lone Gunmen con and Vancouver Actors Appreciation Dinner...) I only wish I'd been there as well, but finances are what they are.

I hope you'll be at some of the other screenings, and particularly if David does one in the Seattle area or in Vancouver, as I'll be at either or both of those when they happen.

7:59 PM  
Blogger SGAngeL said...

OMG! I'm seeing funny lines across my vision from the tiny white writing! lol

So, I heard all about the movie premiere and the convention. I laughed so hard when I heard about the slap! WTG! *high five*

It's great to hear you had such a fantastic time. I wish I could've been there!

8:46 PM  
Blogger mhera/lemonchicken said...

Tiny writing is tough to read, lol. Fighting among cats is normal ... well, as normal as cats get. :p

Good to hear you had a great time, we've been *patiently* awaiting your post about it. Laughing at a movie you're in? Why not! It means its just THAT good ... and ... im just THAT much more eager to see it.

"I'm sucking up because I smacked him on the forehead on Saturday in front of hundreds of people at the convention."

Hehe, heard about that earlier. It was a spewing moment. Moments like that should come with a warning.

Congrats on the new place - it may be small, but that makes it easier to keep clean, right?! And decorate!

10:34 PM  
Blogger Danielle the Paranoid Android said...

You were so awesome in ADB! You were so funny and entertaining and the movie was Abfab.

Only in california do we stick christmas lights on palm trees. We are seriously some sick people.

Fans at cons are usually pretty cool but there are a few weirdos/jerks that show up. Just like with everything else. /ramble

11:13 PM  
Blogger charlotte said...

I'm so glad that you had a good time in LA. It sounds like everyone who went loved the movie, so congratulations! Also, congratulations on the new apartment and finishing moving. I know how stressful it can be when things all happen at once.

I have certainly requested a screening in my city. I hope that you have as well! I can only imagine that your voice saying Toronto bears more weight than mine :)

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Ashley said...

Its so hot in Australia right not. It's like 30 degrees and its still spring. and oh god the bush fires!

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Ashley said...

looks like you had a great time in LA. you apartment also sounds quite nice

3:29 AM  
Anonymous Red Phoniex said...

Glad you had a good time and i hope you want to go to more. ADB sounds fantastic from what i've got from everyone who saw it. Can't wait to see it.

I know how you feel about your neighbors. i have some like that. One side is a DIY nut who spends all day hammering and the other side has the TV on all night, slam every door in the house, park in my car space and have a screaming kid who screams everyday.

5:23 AM  
Blogger Gebo said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed LA and the screening et al. Pity I couldn't make what with no money and being in another country *sigh*

I see Martha has started her training for the kitty olympics. My cat Boots is also in training. The main events seem to be mat surfing, wall climbing and the high jump. Mat surfing is the most dangerous I fear, as the art is to jump off the mat before hitting the wall. Mat surfing works best on a shiny floor such as a kitchen or hall floor. You must let us know how Martha gets on.

5:40 AM  
Blogger ShipperFey said...

I am so giddy that you posted about the convention... I was so excited to make it to the screening and then I also got to see you and David twice at the con, so I was super excited.

I posted the pics I took with you and David on my LiveJournal (and also a recap of the Q&As and the con in general).

I have to say, the slapping was THE BEST PART EVER. It was my first con since I moved to the U.S. 5 years ago and if they can promise me you two will be at every SG-1 con, I'll find a way to pay the $369 for EVERY con. I don't even watch Atlantis (I watched McKay and Mrs. Miller the day before the screening) and I was freaking about seeing you guys.

Thank you again for being there and entertaining us crazy fans :D

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Anthony said...

Congrats on doing what almost every SG fan has wanted to do at some point in time - hit your brother ;)

KRAM sounds good...I suggest trying to get the cats to use the walls as an alternate form of extended entertainment. Laser pointers are a good way to make cats climb walls. As for the neighbours...just go down to a local high school, find the most beat up Civic you can find (might have to go to Hamilton for this one) and drive it right into KRAM. It's small enough that it should fit, and the stereo should be at least 30 times louder than anything your neighbours can output. Select your choice of insanely annoying music (preferably with higher trebel, so it gets past the bass) which would drive both neighbours mad, and find a good pair of ear plugs. Also pray the sound waves don't destabilize the building...

8:23 AM  
Anonymous TJinLOCA said...

Thanks for the great update, Kate!

You're right about David's performance in the film, but I just have to add that you were MARVELOUS. David (and Paul) were both so over-the-top they were hilarious, but you actually came across as even funnier much of the time because you played it so straight. I was absolutely crying with laughter through most of the movie. And I'm running out of positive adjectives to describe it.

I was sitting with Cat ... I told her, "I came down here to see David, but now I think I'm in love with Kate." :D And that was definitely confirmed when you slapped him in the face during the ADB panel. HA! Best. Convention. Moment. Ever.

I found an episode of Kevin Hill that you were in, and I put the clip up on my website for interested fans. (You look cute as a redhead!)

It's here (but I can't figure out how to make the link work! Argh):

(there are also a couple of short clips from the convention, including David describing the chip dip moonwalk incident.)

Thanks again for coming down and meeting all us crazy folks! It was a blast.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Vive les Unas said...

Argh...Why everyone is reminding me that I couldn't go to the screening ?? It's so unfair to be french !! First, we have to speak french, wich is just un bearable when you don't like your native tongue, second our humour is sucks, third our actors all go to hollywood and fourth the only "hewlett" people knows is the thing written upon their computer !!! I've been glued posters everywhere (including on myself) and all the response I've got is a "c'est une pub pour un nouveau logiciel informatique ou quoi ?"

Anyways. I'm sorry for your nasty and noisy neighbourgs. And sorry for your unworking flash. But I'm glad you liked the convention ! (I'll get rid of my Hermiod and Unas panoply...)
So good luck for the movie, and good luck for your flat, and good luck for everything. You're awesome ! (you should write a Bridget Jones-like novel !)

3:32 PM  
Blogger a_zombie_movie said...

That is such an awesome palm tree photo!!

5:34 PM  
Blogger Chrystalline said...

I just had to say YAY for adopting a black kitty! This is my dearly beloved Boo (sometime in 2001-2002), whom I lost this past August - and yes, that's a black blanket, too. She was having trouble keeping warm in her old age, so I bought her a heated pet bed, which she *refused to use* until I gave up *my* black throw! Fussy cat, but I loved her, and since I read that black cats are the least adopted, I've made a promise to myself that I will make a point of rescuing black cats from the shelters when I'm ready for another. (In the meantime, I've inherited the dog's cat;)

Anyway, glad you got a space of your own, even if it is tiny. Smallest apartment I've ever seen was when I was in Los Angeles, paying over $1000 a month for a little studio apartment with no view, no AC, and an ant infestation, but at least I didn't have the creepy neighbors staring in through the windows every time I opened the blinds like I had in South Carolina. (Could be because my LA window was three feet from the broad side of the privacy fence, but still;)

3:04 AM  
Blogger Neep said...

I really shouldn't read blogs just before I sleep.

Last night I had the weirdest dream, with about 4 or 5 people who I only know through their blogs. But don't get creeped out, I always have strange dreams that incorporate heaps of random things from throughout the day. Out of all the bloggers, your part was the weirdest...

You wrote a book and had a book signing (I work part time in a book store, we have had a few signings recently). But instead of signing your book in a book store, the signing was held at the bakery next to my school. I'm not sure what this means, I just hope it has some thing to do with cupcakes.

Very odd.

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Elyse said...

Thanks so much for posting about the con. Couldn't attend (wrong part of country, etc. etc.) and it's interesting to actually hear from the other side of the autograph table, so to speak.

Can't wait to see ADB!

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was wonderful seeing/meeting you in person! The movie was great and so were your appearances at the con. The forehead slap brought the house down!

If not many people approached you, it's only 'cause most of us are more nervous around "celebrities" than you are around us! Therefore, brain freeze and nothing intelligible comes out the mouth. Yikes.

Thanks for sharing your side of the experience :)


8:05 PM  
Anonymous Dso17 said...

Salut !

Glad to hear (to read) you really enjoyed your stay in Los Angeles !
J'aurais tellement voulu sauter dans un avion pour assister à la diffusion du film et surtout te rencontrer en personne !
I'm quite jealous of those people who met you there but I keep the hope the film may cross the Atlantique to land in Europe (in France or in UK for instance...;) )
Photos are cool ! The first one I thought it was firewalks but after a while I realised it was palms...I'm really tired in this time lol !

Ah les voisins connais ! Des bruits de marteaux, des chiens qui pleurent, les étudiants complétement saouls qui hurlent sous ma fenêtre tous les jeudis soir ! Si c'est vraiment trop embêtant, tu peux faire un mot et le mettre dans l'ascenseur (s'il y a en a un...) pour prévenir gentillement que le bruit est pénible après une certaine heure !

It's always a pleasure to read your blog ! C'est toujours un plaisir de lire ton blog !
J'espère ne pas avoir trop massacré la langue de Shakespeare... :D

A plus !

8:04 AM  
Blogger ames said...

I heard wonderful things about your appearane at the con - and yes, we did all hear about the head smacking. That's what sisters DO, that's our JOB, right? I've got brothers, older and younger, so I get the best of both worlds - spoiled baby sister and bossy older sister.

I once lived in an apartment that was so small my kitchen sink was in the bathroom, and I could turn off the living room television from my bed in the bedroom. It was like living in a shoebox. A very small, dark, kitchen-sink-in-the-bathroom shoebox.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous HueyGirl said...

Yeah, another blog entry! I'm glad to hear that the convention and screening went well.

As for the smacking, well every brother needs a good smack now and again.

Enjoy your holiday season!

9:26 PM  
Blogger LilFerret said...

OMG...Kate...ok, first, this is my first blog reply on ANYthing but myspace. So, if I look like a retard I apologize in advance.

Second, my friend Fey and I were at the screening on the 16th and I seriously think I split my sides open. I'm not sure I've ever laughed so hard in my life, and I wished a few times that I could hit pause and take a bathroom break. Ok, too much info...sorry. LOL!!

You are WAY too humble for such a brilliant actress. Truly! I loved your role in McKay and Mrs. Miller, and had I not quickly figured out that you were really brother and sister I'd have thought the writers and producers had searched for years to find the right match for David's off-the-wall humor. No one else could have played off him that well. Only someone daring enough to smack him at the convention. (It was a highlight, believe me. Fey and I still talk about it.)

In fact, Fey introduced me to your blog. That's funny in itself, considering she came out to visit me in CA from AZ and I told her about the screening. She'd never seen Atlantis. She downloaded McKay and Mrs. Miller, read your blog, and was more than eager to go see the movie. We had a blast, we really did.

And, don't tell your brother, but we were more eager to meet you than him. SHHhhh!! I said don't tell him! (Typical sister, had to rub it in, didn't ya!? LOL) We got photos and autographs with the both of you. Ours was the photo in which you told us you looked miserable. You didn't. Just somber. :)

OMG I am totally using up your comment space. SORRY! *smiles meekly*

Anyway...I just wanted you to know that your perfomance in the movie was spectactular, we had a blast at the screening and at the convention during both Q & A's, and the photos I took came out great.

I hope to see a lot more of Jeannie Miller on Atlantis and cannot WAIT for A Dog's Breakfast to come out. I think it's the funniest movie I've seen in YEARS, if not EVER.

Thanks so much for a great weekend!!!

Jenni Cole (a.k.a. LilFerret)

12:24 AM  
Blogger peter_lead said...

Hey, i heard how great the screening was, i wish i could have been there but a bit hard living in the UK.

You must have done what so many people have wanted to do(in a jokingly way)when you hit David lol.

You should come to some England conventions! lol, this weekend the Memrobielia Convention is on at the NEC in Birmingham and iv always wondered if they have a stargate stand there.

Anyway im gonna stop blabbing now!lol.

5:32 AM  
Anonymous vecturist said...

Glad the movie premiere and con went well. I believe mild violence is a normal and healthy part of sibling rivalry,

Your new pad sounds like mine when I did my first grad degree - 300 sq feet with one sink (the kitchen was next to the bathroom). Small spaces are nice for decluttering and getting rid of extraneous stuff, though.

I think you need at least 5 cats for crazycatlady status.

The temp here is about 74 degrees F. Makes it a little hard to get into the holiday mood.

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lefty! I spotted that you were a lefty before I read it in the post a few paragraphs down. It's always nice to see a fellow southpaw. I would comment that there are too few of us to go around...but I won't. Rather, it means that we should be in demand! Or something. :D

I totally feel you on the inky hand thing. I used to get ink all over the pinky side of my hand. Then one day I tried holding my arm at a closer angle to my body, such that my hand and fingers would fall *just* beneath what I was writing...I haven't gotten an inky hand since then. It's kind of weird to describe, but it's not uncomfortable at all, despite what it may sound like.

I live here in LA and I would have gone to the screening had I known about it soon enough. I slacked off and didn't check Dave's site often enough, so I missed out. And I agree with the others, the shyness goes both ways! But for me, with celebrities, I often wonder what I would talk about. I mean, with as often as people probably talk to them about their work, do some of them get tired of talking about it? Should I talk about something else? You know what I mean? Though I definitely would have mentioned how awesome you were on McKay and Mrs. Miller and that they totally need to bring you back for more. Fantastic episode.

Ah well, I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for the far off chance that something like this ADB screening happens again. I haven't met someone I saw on TV before, who was also a lefty like me!


5:05 PM  
Blogger Katie Meyer said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely convention and screening!

I can't wait to get a hold of a screening. Well, not actually a hold of it...I'm planning of grabbing at it or anything...

Anyway, I'm just glad you had a good time!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Masterchica said...

WOW I'm so envious, now you are a huge movie star. Hope you have the time to keep writing.

I really hope someone taped the smacking part, it will be a hit in youtube.

Felicidades, la mejor parte de tu vida esta empezando.

8:32 PM  
Blogger GentleZephyr said...

Speaking of neighbours...

Over the back fence we have pretty good neighbours. They have had one fight (that we could hear) and that resulted in a car crash when the husband sped out of the driveway and straight into another car.

To our left we have the couple who scream at each other on a regular basis. He goes out, gets drunk, she locks him out of the house and he starts smashing things until she lets him in. Of late those things include their car windshield and their china hutch. We actually called the police because we thought they were killing each other.

And to the right are the worst of all. They have very loud music, but good taste, so that's not all bad. However they have two small daughters who have been caught stealing into our garden and abducting my cat! Yup, after hearing Cleo wailing her little lungs out, I flung open the door to find the little terrors fleeing towards their house, with my cat clutched (much too tightly) in their arms. I was horrified! It wasn't until Cleo decided to fight back that they finally let her go. *You go kitten!*

So they're my neighbours, and you're welcome to them.

P.S. Did I mention that all three houses have dogs that bark at each other all day and all night. Hmm. Must have slipped my mind. *grins*


5:40 AM  
Blogger omgwtfcori said...

Good to hear you had such a nice convention expirience :D

And you know what? You really need to come to the convention in Bonn, Germany. (

McGillion's going to be there, too. *g*

That would be reaaaally great. *g*

7:53 PM  
Blogger Telara said...

I agree! I totally agree!! You neeeeed to come there! :)
and btw, cori meant to write experience ;P
anyway...come to Germany that would be so cool :)

7:55 PM  
Blogger omgwtfcori said...

yes, that's what I said, telara. expErience *ggg*

Anyway, it would be nice, seriously.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congradulations on the play reading. I know how nerve wracking those can be!

And congrats on surviving your first Con. I'm sure there will be videos up on youtube of you smacking your brother in the head any second now...

No, seriously, I'm so happy for you that your play was at the Fringe and that you're living your acting/writing dream right now. It's harder work than most people realize.

As for requesting screenings of the film...

Think they'll seriously consider a request to screen in Fukuoka, Japan?

11:15 PM  

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