Monday, September 25, 2006

I Am More Humbled Than a Male Cat in a Pink Leather Bag/

Seriously. More than 180 people from all over the world, ranging in age from 13-65 (from the answers I've read so far) responded to my questionnaire. It was not an easy questionnaire; it was not a short questionnaire; it was not a particularly fun questionnaire; I have used the word 'questionnaire' too many times, and my overuse of the semi-colon is shameless. But still. Wow. Hooooo-leeeeeey. Gosh. You exceeded my expectations -- and they were already high!

I actually wanted to thank each person individually, but I think that would take me seventeen years and also...maybe you don't want an email reminding you that I now have your email address.

For those of you who were worried about not being concise, or not having anything important to say...PLEASE DON'T THINK LIKE THAT! Every single answer was useful; every joke made me smile; every story reminded me that I have to write this play -- that I have to talk about violence because it is universal and it is not going away anytime soon. Everyone was concise when they could be, while taking the time they needed to answer the more complicated questions.

I was very interested to hear that so many people have not read or do not relate to the three Shakespeare plays I chose -- that helps me too. I will incorporate them differently now that I know that. I chose these plays because they deal with themes and stories that are still occurring today. After reading the answers people submitted, I believe that even more strongly. I just have to work harder to make the text accessible.

What a wonderful, open group of people I have met through writing this blog. I can't thank you enough.

I hope you all have a great week -- I'll be READING QUESTIONNAIRES.....

p.s. Yes, that's me in the photo waiting for the bus And I shouldn't be wearing those shoes with those pants.


Blogger celisnebula said...

You're welcome, and glad to help :o) If you need more help, I'm sure many of us are willing to procrastinate by answering them.

I wouldn't worry too terribly much about the shoes, especially if you're walking a bunch and they're comfortable. Comfortable shoes are worth their weight in gold!

10:16 PM  
Anonymous C. said...

La violence, ce n'est pas un aujet facile. Ça fait toujours mal, que ce soit physique ou non. Je vous félicite du courage que vous avez à aborder ce thème. Ce n'est pas tout le monde qui se déciderait à utiliser l'art pour des fins aussi nobles.


10:17 PM  
Anonymous Melissa S said...

I was glad to help :) I was so tired when I did it though that I forgot to say "I hope I helped with your research!" or even "hi!"! I'm so sorry about that! I didn't want to send in another e-mail though because I am positive you are drowning in them. Anyway I hope you have a good time reading all the e-mails and good luck with your writting!!! I really hope everything works out for you because I'm sure it will be GREAT!

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Krissie said...

You're very welcome for the help, it was definitely a pleasure. :)

And I thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your research. It's not too often I get to be a part of something like that, so I definitely enjoyed it, even if the subject matter was of a serious nature.

It's good to see that some people really do take things like this to heart and wish to voice their opinions on it and hopefully get heard and make a difference.

Anytime you need help again I will surely be glad to assist in any way I can. :)

And no worries about the e-mail address. I don't think I'm worth stalking anyway. ;)

10:58 PM  
Blogger a_zombie_movie said...

now that is one super awesome bag.
answering questions = equally awesome.

(hey there's another form of Chrissy above me! yay)

11:09 PM  
Blogger Misty aka s_aurius said...

I was glad to help :) Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to be involved. It makes people like me feel important ;p Congratulations on the number of people who responded, I hope that this makes things easier for you.

heh, the pink bag just lets everyone know that rufus is comfortable with his masculinity.

11:26 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

First off, I don't think you'll go stalking me, so really, the email thing? Not really a problem. I'm not the stalkable sort, unless you're a creepy 48-year-old transgentic hit man, not really gonna worry about.

Secondly, I wish I could have been more help to you, as in I could have told you my mom's stories (probably a lot more relatable to the subject) but it wasn't mine to tell.

Thirdly, what's wrong with the shoes? I thought they were great. Pishposh to fashion. Give a day and that'll change entirely.

Oh, and fourthly (wow, that's a lot of babbling for you), I would have read the plays but it wasn't required in school...and an overachiever I was not. I did good to read what I did. More of a romance novel girl myself. *grins*

11:31 PM  
Blogger crownglass39 said...

Rufuss bears it with great grace and dignity.

11:48 PM  
Blogger Danielle the Paranoid Android said...

Glad to be of service. Having random people know your email is just one of those things in life... I forgot where I was going with that one, but matching is most definitely overrated.

12:22 AM  
Blogger Lyd said...

It was a pleasure to help because I do know how hard is getting some research in a certain age group. But the writing is always worth it, except if it's horrible but with so much time invested it can not be.

Your play does sound interesting and I do like the ideas you've showed us so do ask for more help without worrying too much because I highly doubt you have the time to do anything "evil" with those +180 email addresses.

By the way quite the interesting photo of R :). And shoes+trousers, I must comment I've seen worse and the fact is that if they're comfortable that's what matters. tsk, you're an artist be bohemian! ;)

2:11 AM  
Blogger Nightsister said...

You know, I really can't wait to see how everyone's answers inform your play... recently I might have read a review of Humans Anonymous and it might have been literally glowing with praise for a certain playwright... so I think you're going to do a terrific job with this decidedly difficult subject matter. Go you! :)

And seriously, if you're going to lug a ginormous male cat around town *cough*inapinkcarrier*cough* then you should wear comfortable shoes. Should anyone ask, you can always say that Rufette, er, Rufus, ate your Pucci stilettos...

2:13 AM  
Anonymous Dso17 said...

Je suis vraiment ravie d'avoir pu aider à contribuer à un projet aussi stimulant.
En tout cas j'ai vraiement hâte de voir le résultat même si je sais que beaucoup de travail vous attend !
Je vous souhaite bon courage !

Bon c'est vrai que les chaussures de sport et le pantalon ne vont pas trop ensemble...mais bon on ne peut pas tous les jours être une gravure de mode ! Il y a des jours où l'inspiration est concentrée ailleurs que sur les vêtements que l'on va porter...Je ne sais pas moi, sur la création d'une pièce de théâtre par exemple ? :P

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Dso17 said...

Oh une dernière chose...qui a eu l'idée de prendre cette photo ?! Et d'ailleurs qui l'a prise ?

2:34 AM  
Blogger Becky S said...

Thad and I were glad to help with your questions. And I am so very happy you got a wide varity of people to answer. As for the whole shoes/pants thing...For better or worse a lot of young people tend to wear that combo to job interviews around here. Or for causual work days at offices.

3:28 AM  
Blogger Zerocool said...

It was very thought provoking to fill out. And you are very welcome. Did you get enough men in the end?
If you need to put off writing even more you could check out all the films we recommended :-)

3:57 AM  
Blogger Erynn said...

Yeah, right. Stalking us. Uh-huh. Like you'd have plane fare for that ;)

Besides, if you showed up on my doorstep, I'd just invite you in for tea and some home-made cardamom scones.

It turns out I sent my answers to the wrong one of your email addresses, but I didn't realize until later that there *were* two of them. Shows you what I get for skimming until I got to the questions. Brain death strikes again.

4:30 AM  
Blogger salivia_baker said...

I only can agree with the other comments. I as glad to help, it was fun, would love to help you again in any way and don't think about the email thingy. if someone would be afraid of that he/she gave you an adress which he/she visiting rarly.

And I for my part think t's important to speak about violence otherwise people don't know what is going on even in a "not recodnizeable way" how can you tell that somebody get's mentally/emotianlly hurt when he/She keep it all to her/himself? And so nothing can change.

As for the openness (is that a word?), you're actually on a save site because whom you really know here? So could tell very intemite things without fearing that somebody could use it against me. Besides I'd probably told you even in person :)

and *giggle* did Rufus wanted that bag?
hey your shoes look very comfortable! that's all that matters.

6:15 AM  
Blogger Paula said...

It sounds like the questionnaire did the most important thing: inspire you to get to work on this play.

And anything that can encourage more people to give Shakespeare another look is a good thing. (I think too many teachers teaching Shakespeare incorrectly has kept people away from a playwright with wonderful things to say about the human condition.)

As for Rufus? Please assure him that his masculinity is safe. Pink is THE hot color for me, this year.

7:05 AM  
Anonymous sue said...

I was glad to help - like everyone before me ;)
It's interesting to know that so many people of all ages and from different countries are reading your blog =)
I think we'll read Shakespeare next year (or the year after that) at school, but I'm not quite sure...

Rufus in that bag made me smile - and anyway, I think your shoes are okay with that pants! :)

Have fun reading questionnaires and have a nice week!

8:26 AM  
Anonymous nomi said...

Poor Rufus, though he looks adorable in that carrier.

I hope it's not too late to still submit responses; I've been hosed since you posted the questions and will be responding today.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous krylon said...

You're welcome for the responses... I'm just glad they're all helping.

What's the problem with the whole sneakers/dressier pants thing? I do it all the time! Of course, I don't always work around people.. and don't usually know much about fashion.. but still! I see nothing wrong with comfy footwear. :)

And maybe Rufus likes pink! Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe he's not a fan of having to be in a bag...

9:12 AM  
Blogger Chez said...

I hope we have helped, and goo dluck gettign through all thoses answers..

Oh and as for the photo.. and don't take it the wrong way... You're a dag, and we love you for it.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Flo said...

glad to help!

anyway, i can add an answer to my already sent questionnaire... i watched Richard III the other day and i'm sorry to say, i didn't get into it. old english or shakespeare style or the direction, something felt very soporific... (i'm not much into shakespeare...)

10:55 AM  
Blogger windshieldbug said...

Well, I tried posting a comment and Blogger ate it!

I was saying:

Poor Rufus, I hate pink as much as he does!

Comfy shoes are made for walking, even if they don't work with the outfit.

I'm quite sure you're not going to stalk me because you have my email. However if you'd ever like a condo at a resort in Florida feel free to ask! I can give nice discounts. ;)

(Hopefully this posts the 2nd time around!)

11:09 AM  
Blogger omgwtfcori said...

hrmpf. I tried to post my comment now three times and it never showed up. So I hope I'm not spamming you:

There are not many cats who can wear pink, but Rufus can. It's a statement, that he's not afraid to wear it!

And you're welcome. Your questions made me think a little bit more about all that stuff, so thank you.

I don't think anyone is having a problem with you having their email adresses, otherwise they wouldn't have answered.

11:36 AM  
Blogger mhera/lemonchicken said...

You're welcome for the answers. Glad to help!

And, "Rufette" doesnt look particularly distressed about being in a pink carrier. Maybe he doesnt mind, as long as he gets to be carried instead of having to walk. I know my cat would feel the same, lol. Its a challenge moving from one chair to the next. They can be so lazy!

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Jen W. said...

You're more than welcome for the assistance... anytime! And don't worry about the shoes. They look extremely comfortable and living in a big city like you do, quality walking shoes are far more important...and they don't look all that bad to begin with! (Says the woman with no fashion sense) Good luck to you in your writing endeavors...I appreciate the fact that you're not just writing this story for your own glory, but for a greater purpose!

12:06 PM  
Blogger Emma said...

Always ready to procrastinate the day away, especially since the new term of Uni starts next week (I'll be up to my neck in lectures, books, deadlines and dozens of contradicting theorists before I know it)so I'll be happy to answer any other questions....please, anything at all!

And don't worry about the trainers with the trousers...I wore much worse throughout the entire decade of the 80's.

12:16 PM  
Blogger aurore said...

I was afraid you were buried under the number of answers and couldn't find your way back here :)
Glad (?) to know that you now have a wide range of answers to help you write your play.

every story reminded me that I have to write this play -- that I have to talk about violence because it is universal and it is not going away anytime soon.
I like to think that violence is "just" worldwide and that other people in the universe (because there are other people in the universe, scifi fan here) have learned to live in peace.
Hmmm, it doesn't seem so when you watch Stargate, though!

I was very interested to hear that so many people have not read or do not relate to the three Shakespeare plays I chose
"Many people"? Phew, I no longer feel completely uneducated! Shakespeare plays are just not part of the educational programs at school here. There are already (too) many French authors to read.

I hope you all have a great week -- I'll be READING QUESTIONNAIRES....
Woooheeee! Have a... great? week. Ahem.

Yes, that's me in the photo waiting for the bus
I think it's kinda scary that seeing the pic, I immediately thought "Oh, this is Kate and Rufus waiting for the bus to go to the vetenary".

And I shouldn't be wearing those shoes with those pants.
I think the shoes go with the pants. But... did I told you that one of my pet peeves are dirty shoes? ;):p

12:23 PM  
Blogger HawkChic10 said...

I am happy to help! hope things are going well and that all 180 questionnaires are helping. If you need anything else, just ask!

Don't worry about the should see me, getting ready for classes every morning. Yay for being the champion of rolling out of bed, throwing on clothes and the first pair of shoes available(which are often chuck taylors/converse). Comfort is more important than look, in my opinion!

Take Care!

12:40 PM  
Anonymous libitina said...

It was fun - I love questionnaires. I love that someone actually has taken the time to ask my opinion.

One of the best things about moving to a big city is that now people call me up for political polls and random surveys of my radio habits.

I would never go on the do-not-call list despite the fifty thousand calls a day asking me to consolidate my student loans - because this weekend I had a lovely call from some guy halfway across the country asking about my opinions on my state's politics.

So, yeah - glad to help.

As for Shakespeare, I think it's more that no matter how much I appreciate his acting, I have difficulty identifying with Anthony Hopkins.

12:49 PM  
Blogger vorador said...

As everyone else said, about the questionnaire, you're welcome. I think it was our pleasure to be able to help you in some way, even that the subject was kind of heavy...but I think everyone is more than happy to talk about not so good things, knowing that they'll help you to create something good (I hope...probably I'll not be able to see it, but I believe it will be good).

About the email, there's no problem at all in you having it, unless you sell them to a spam company of course lol

And Shakespeare, since its not something that we here read in school, I think its not one of my first choices for reading amongst so many things :)

As for we, being wonderful persons, I'm sure everyone here agrees, that for what we know, for every bit of your life you show us, for every opinion , for every laugh and for everything you give us in each post, I think we can all say you're a wonderful person too :)

And finally, the shoes and the pants don't look that disconnected from each other, and as long as you feel comfortable there's nothing wrong with the combination.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

I'm sorry I missed out on said questionnaire, I wasn't aware you even had a blog, though I suppose I should have assumed, as most people do, nowadays.

Anyway, I'm glad I did found it. I just wanted to drop a hello, and tell you how awesome you were as Jeannie, on Stargate.

-One half of your two first Stargate:Atlantis fans, from Toronto Fringe, aka, Kelly.

2:02 PM  
Blogger ** MaryMcGillion ** said...

TROP FORT!!! Rufusette!!!!! trop marrant!!!! Gros bisouxxxx Kate et heu... rufusette!!!!!

2:40 PM  
Anonymous DoylesRose said...

People wouldn`t have answered your questions if they wouldn`t have wanted you to have their email addy. But of course you can`t thank any one of us via email. But if you ever need an excuse why you can`t write on your play, go ahead.. answer us all :-p

And I finally saw your Atlantis episode and it was such a good episode and I laughed so hard, well done Kate!

3:03 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Ahhhhh, that is SUCH a cute picture!!!!!

As for answering your questions, no problem. I hope you don't mind but I've forwarded them onto my mum and asked her if she'll complete them for you. She said yes so, fingers crossed, you'll get an answer from her sometime soon.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Tracy Jane said...

Wow! I honestly thought (as I said in my answers) that Shakespeare's plays still had relevant themes for most people. Perhaps it's not so much a case of relevance, rather accessability? If, perhaps, your mentor or whoever you are working with (Assuming it's not self study or for personal development) doesn't make the connection, show you the themes, the language and society that the play is set in can often alienate you.

I'm sure there's not a person here who wouldn't have loved an email back from you ;-) Having said that, I think we'd rather have the play seventeen years earlier!

So. Cat in a Hot Pink Bag. Very cool. I don't think Rufus would really mind either way and the shoes? DEFINITELY suitable for the task.

Oh, crap! It's past midnight here and I have to get up at six!

Take care, and as I said last time, any more help....!

7:11 PM  
Blogger Trialia said...

I have to admit, it wasn't easy to answer some of the questions asked in your questionnaire. But if it helps, I'll think it was worth it. Any more questions... well, you know we're all out here and willing to answer.

Right now, however, I have the aura of an oncoming migraine, and must bid thee farewell. Enjoy the bus ride... ;)

8:44 PM  
Blogger kittenz2006 said...

After a thorough conversation with my three cats Re: the Rufus in the pink bag issue and the consensus is as follows. Firstly, pink is the "new" black and secondly, cats as superior beings simply need not heed fashion. As merely, their human my opinion didn't count.
No-one would have noticed the shoe thing. There is something strangely self-confessional about most women. I once wore one navy and one black shoe (identical style) to work and had to tell practically everyone I saw. Why? I wouldn't tell anyone if I won a Nobel prize but do something dumb and the world's gotta know.
I'm pleased you received so many responses to the questionnaire, the questions were very thought provoking. I'm really looking forward to the play; it's another good excuse to head to T.O., see friends and buy something I can't afford at Holts. Best of luck. L

11:26 PM  
Blogger Sarahzilla said...

Hehe... cute picture. And from what I know about cats (and although there is mutual dislike between myself and most felines we do have an understanding) I think Rufus being called Rufette would be found more offensive than being in a pink leather carrier. LOL... but then I don't know Rufus either so who know?

I was out at lunch with my mother today and she's now interested in this play too. We may need to make a trip up to Toronto to view it(I've been planning one for a while now anyways to find some dead relatives buried in a park someplace, long story).

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Aly said...

Wow what an amazing responce :D I'm so glad I could help.

I wanted to put that i had read/watched those plays, even though I hadn't. I think it has something to do with how intellectual you look when you have read and or watched them.

If those shoes don't go with those trousers .... I am definatly fashion sence deprived, they looks like a fine match to me :)

6:55 AM  
Blogger Paula said...

I don't know why this made me think of you and Rufus....

8:42 AM  
Blogger Celin Le Vaurien said...

just one word : you're great welcome !! (ok there are perhaps two words ... maybe three ...)

hope your project will be successful.

keep blogging but also writing of course !

11:13 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Just wanted to let you know that I saw your Scotia Bank commercial. It was very exciting for me. A bit confusing for everyone else. LOL
Now whenever it's on, I get called into the room "Jennifer, Kate's commercial is on!"

5:50 PM  
Blogger Masterchica said...

Rufette... Wow, That's what I call travel with style

*Sigh* Cats are always such grrreat divas.

By the way, I just saw Kate on Stargate Atlantis, I can’t believe she is David's sister; she is like so much prettier than him (there is just a little resemblance in the mout, and he must be like 10 years older than her)

1:44 AM  
Blogger Shawna said...

It was my pleasure. I'm curious to hear about this play as you progress in writing it. Sounds interesting.

Rufus looks adorable in that bag. I think male cats pull off pink better than male dogs do.

2:56 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

glad to help, your shoes where fine. trust me when i say i have seen MUCH worse in the crime of feet fashion.

im sure im not worth stalking with a return e-mail but if ya have the time im sure we'd all be happy to recieve them.

Happy Writing.

5:40 AM  
Blogger Image Child (Hope) said...

I would have been proud to help, and would still be if you needed it! But it sounds like the super-Hewlett-family fanbase has made a good show of things!!

Rufus oughta be proud his person thinks enough of him to get him such a stylish thing to ride in!! And those shoes are just ironic and smecksy and go quite well with the pants if you intend on actually GOING somehwere :P

have a fab day!!

10:39 AM  
Blogger Vesica said...

You are quite welcome. I am just so thrilled to see someone really getting fully immersed in a topic and gathering the resources and stories available to them as they write. It is the mark of true art, in my opinion. Not to now heap loads of pressure on you or anything. :D

Be well and happy story-crafting!


11:22 AM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

What's wrong with the shoes?
They look comfortable and thats importand:)
You should see me on my 'OMG why did I ever went back to school?' days. Because those are the days I go out with wet hair and still half asleep. (I know I should try coffee but no thx) Those days are usualy wednesdays when I have art history at 8am.

8:38 AM  
Blogger mira said...

If Rufus/Rufette has been...altered...I don't think he'll mind what color the carrier is. Besides, he'll just see it as bright in the UV spectrum, not as pink. Uh, I just admitted I'm a geek, didn't I?

On to a diffrent subject...who cares what shoes one wears, as long as they are comfortable. Comfy shoes are priceless, or about $20 US, depending on where you shop.

About responding to every email - If you don't have time, I'm sure I'm not the only one who will understand that problem. Personally, I knew full well you'd have one of my addresses. There's a reason I'm a little schitzophrenic when it comes to email. :)

On a more serious note, thank you for posting the questions on your site. I don't think I would have responded if I didn't know what kind of questions to expect. No, they weren't easy, but I hope all the hard answers you received help. *appplauds*

3:20 AM  
Blogger Liloow-Vena said...

oh yes the pant with the shoes not really good... well infact i'm don't give good advices about mode... I'm dressed like a scarecrow!!! lol

Well don't forget to speak, if you can, of mental violence i think it's importance, and added to physical violence who can lead to suicide!!!

Iould like to see your play but in France I can hope that ^^ I guess... except if you come in France in my region...

And for me it's not a problem if you send me a mail ^^ (I'm not asking a mail but....)

That's all!
see you

2:58 PM  
Blogger k2 said...

im glad i could help. they were very good questions. and don't worry about the shoes, i very rarely know what know what shoes im wearing at the time.


ps i forgot to sign the email so it's probley the 181th questionnaire you got!

2:44 AM  
Blogger GentleZephyr said...

plThere's a lot to be said for comfort rather than style. (Yes, I'm a total geek and not particularly ashamed of it.)

And remember, pink is definitely the new black! Rufus is hot!

6:07 AM  
Blogger nomidalantian said...

Its always nice to help people! and come on! Who doesn't like that bag? really? well, i actually dont simply because its pink and i cant stand pink...but whatever, each to his own...

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Dso17 said...

Hello !

Je constate que ça va faire près d'une semaine que vous n'avez pas posté donc j'en conclue que vous travaillez avec acharnement sur votre pièce de théâtre, à décortiquer nos réponses au questionnaire...Un petit commentaire simplement pour vous souhaitez bon courage !
Je suis sûre que le résultat va être absolument fantastique !

4:15 AM  

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