Monday, September 04, 2006

A Seasoned Pharkin' Traveler/

Why hasn't Kate posted in two full days, you may be asking yourself? What could she possibly be doing? Why isn't she chained to her computer with pizza sauce dribbling down her chin? Why has she abandoned us?

[Or maybe you haven't actually noticed that I've been away because you were so busy being productive, going to the gym, eating cheeseless thin-crust near-pizza, living full lives and reading cool people's blogs instead, in which't read this. I've got nothin'.]

Now that the cool people have stopped reading...hi! I, as a seasoned Ontario traveler, spent all of today in beautiful downtown St. Catherine's and all of yesterday suburban Hamilton. I have now officially seen more of Ontario than I ever needed to. Honestly, though, I had two really fun days. Family and friends are better than coffee. (That's a lie.) Family and friends are better than beer. (Almost. Lite beer, maybe.) Family and friends are better than (or maybe just on par with) realizing that your cat may actually have lost a pound or two.

This was supposed to be a short entry. I am going to bed now.

But first! A few parting thoughts, after my two days of traveling:

1) I want to move to Turkey, because apparently people in Turkey aren't allowed to use cell phones on buses. (I somehow always manage to sit in front of someone who talks really loudly for sixty minutes straight on their cell phone about things I DON'T NEED TO KNOW. Like what they drank last night, what kind of bra they're wearing (if at all), and why they hate every girl they've ever met. Just as an example, of course.)

2) a) I have a really cool sister. b) I challenge anyone to put a Dora puzzle together faster than my nieces can. They may say "kix" instead of "six", but they're baby geniuses. Both of them.

3) Buses don't smell good in Ontario.

4) Buses are twenty degrees colder than the air outside in the winter, and twenty degrees hotter than the air outside in the summer.

5) I am bad with money.

6) Discount stores are no longer cheap if you buy everything in the store.

7) St. Catherine's, Ontario is pretty awesome.

8) Hamilton is not as bad as they say.

9) Bus trips make me tired.

10) I am not funny after 11pm.

11) I may not be funny before 11pm either.



Blogger dr_dredd said...

Hmm. I'm in the process of moving from Pittsburgh to Rochester, NY, so I'm just across the border. Now that you're a seasoned Ontario traveler, any particular place you'd recommend? :-)

12:21 AM  
Blogger Cyn said...

I think buses everywhere have a smell that can be classified as bad. Unless you were taking a bus in my college town, in which case the smell can be classified as "beer."

12:26 AM  
Blogger klo_the_hobbit said...

I love that the LJ feed showed this post 3 times. It was like it was trying to make up for your 2 day absence.
What is it with buses and smelling weird? Maybe its a plot on the part of petrol companies to stop people using public transport. *muses suspiciously*

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try the buses in London, they are worse! Or were the last time I was there in 97'

But glad you had fun time with family and friends.

Yeah I got the three posts on LJ feed too. *grin*


12:46 AM  
Blogger bohemebeauty said...

The buses here in Vegas are about 50 degrees hotter in the summer. And they smell just as bad.

I noticed you were gone! *g*

12:48 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

It's always good to have a couple of days with family. I'm glad you had fun. I do enjoy reading your blog, and you are VERY funny (more so than David, even). I don't think I've ever ridden in a public bus, so I don't understand the 'smell' thing, but it sounds awful. I have to get back to writing my book. Have a great day tomorrow!

1:00 AM  
Blogger crazymom said...

Oh gosh, I was just telling some friends that I have to stop this and get to work, but I wanted to send the URL of that photo of you and David to my sister, and here I am, still not working! I'm with you on the discount stores--I try to avoid shopping, because I am also terrible with money, and I certainly can't be trusted with a credit card! I rationalized buying the first season of Stargate: Atlantis on DVD because I could use it to work on my Spanish. Yeah, right. I DO watch it with the Spanish subtitles quite a bit, but somehow I don't think it counts as instructional materials, you know what I mean?

1:11 AM  
Blogger Nightsister said...

Oh how funny, I "had" to "help" my friends' daughters put together a puzzle this weekend, too! It was Beauty and the Beast, but I had more than my share of Dora (and Boots and Diego and Backpack and... Swiper?) in the past three days as well.

But I realized little kids can work puzzles fast because they want to put it together over and over and OVER again, so they basically memorize where all the pieces go. Still pretty crafty and smart for 2 year olds, though.

Oh, and because I'm sure you don't want me spamming your posts (also me = lazy), I'd like to recommend a band from Washington DC called The Evens. They don't have a website (aside from their label's page -- the owner of the label is in the band), nor do they sell t-shirts or stickers or anything like that. Ian sings and plays guitar, and Amy sings and plays drums. They wrote a song about vowels. They are righteous and awesome.

1:14 AM  
Blogger Addie said...

A very nice list, and I'd have to agree with most of it. However, 8, 10, and 11 are all clearly false.

Glad you had fun visiting your family; all I ever have when visiting mine is a headache.

1:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed you were gone. It had nothing to do with me hitting refresh on every tab I had open ten times a minute...not procrastinating about working, nooooo.

So. It's tuesday (or tuesday where I am, anyway). Are you going to write a script, or are you going to blog about (not) writing like the rest of us??


1:21 AM  
Blogger Rebeccasaurus said...

I'm totally feeling you on the bus woes. Last week a guy was projecting his voice at an unreasonable pitch for about 10 minutes. That and being squished in like a sardine and I wasn't too impressed with the trip :)

1:26 AM  
Blogger Erynn said...

Busses are rarely much fun. I had the back seat in a bus next to a woman with three obnoxious and exhausted young children from DC to Charleson, South Carolina once when I was sort of in hiding from the Navy. And I've bussed from Seattle to Rapid City, South Dakota a couple of times (neither of which are experiences I'd either recommend or repeat).

Yeah. Busses = DOOOOM

On the other hand, I rode Metro in Seattle for 12 years because I didn't have a car, and I at least managed to get where I needed to go without once being actually assaulted by a drunk. There was a drunken, elderly flasher at a bus stop once, but he wasn't actually ON the bus...

1:26 AM  
Blogger Arlessiar said...

Buses! I hate them so much. I need to drive to work with a bus every frackin' morning and back home after work. I don't own a car (no money for that yet), so I depend on buses. School children in the morning, loud and rude. Cell phones - as you said, all the things you never wanted to know! The smell. And it's almost always crowded. Women with prams scream bloody murder when you stand too close to her precious offspring ("Hello? I need to stand somewhere, too, right? I cannot just disappear because you and Earth's new and future saviour show up!").

That all sounds cynical, I know. But normally I love to meet other people, and I absolutely love children. But somehow I can't stand them in buses. After months in which I spent two hours every day in a bus I know one thing for sure, the "bus life" is annoying.

I did notice that you haven't updated in two days, but well, that's pretty normal I guess, you have a real life after all like we all (or most of us...) , and we all here were just spoilt because you updated so often before! *g*

I love to read all your blog entries (yes, they're still funny after 11pm), but only write when you want to, not because you feel forced to do so.
But who am I to talk, I know the pressure of the internet. So I post in blogs even though I should do thousand other things. Like going to work. :)

So bye, and have a nice day!

1:29 AM  
Blogger Hannah said...

I'm in the middle of avoiding editing a story where the writer thought it would be "innovative" to make all the spoken dialogue, oh dear god, rhyme, so actually, riding on a bus sounds like fun.

Oh, that's interesting - one of my six cats just gained two pounds, and your cat may actually have lost a couple of pounds. This may prove my theory that all fat simply migrates from one entity to another, it never truly disappears (which explains a lot about my hips, actually).

1:41 AM  
Blogger Annie said...

But imagine how much you'd have spent if you bought everything in non-discount stores!

At least, that's my reasoning and maybe the cause of my own inability with money! :D

2:26 AM  
Blogger salivia_baker said...

Already missed you

I am so happy with this RS feed over at LJ. and I don't get it threee times but it feels more at home there then over here *hide*
anyway, I hate cellphones in busses as well. But they aren't as annoying here then I think you must have exsperinced them! You ever tried Busses in Rome? so funny. I love them. really small (only for erm.. ~20 people, 8 seats) but you get one veery 5 minutes. The only thing is when you're tall you shuldn't stand because your had would bang against the bar, ask my brother ;) (he really got headaches from that)

But when I rea dthe stuff about Busses here I must be glad that we have actually "nice" busses here. No smell, not hotter or cooler, not that much cell phones (because everybody almost hates that) and I still don't get a bus drive to another ciyt far away... we are much more into using the train. That is much more comfortable then a a long Bus trip.

And oh yeah when you think "that is cheap So I can buy a bit more" it never ends with a BIT *headdesk* that is really a problem of mine too. Like I bought this books. I was like 2€uro each? great I can buy A LOT...well. I did and I ended up like verytime "jeez that is still mony and I should have spend it for more urgent things" So you see you're not the only one who is bad with money.

3:51 AM  
Blogger Rose said...

London buses are pretty good because all the tourists and everyone likely to have a loud cell phone conversation takes the Tube.

I might visit Canada. It sounds nice.

4:34 AM  
Anonymous dso17 said...

Salut !
(my "little" french message as usual, for your translation training :P)

Tout le monde parle de son expérience des bus et bien j'ai également quelques annecdotes sympathiques (bon vous vous en fichez peut-être mais ça m'amuse de les raconter)!
Les bus en France...fidèle à notre réputation c'est l'anarchie totale ! Tout le monde se pousse, râle...Je me rappelle de mes premières années de fac où je prenais le bien le chauffeur prenait tout le monde jusqu'à ce qu'il n'y ai plus 1 seul centimètre carré de libre. Les portes avaient du mal à se refermées, on ne voyait plus rien dehors à cause de la buée et à l'arrivé on frôlait l'asphixie !
Le plus drôle c'était de voir ce bus plein à craquer de l'extérieur. Ce qui était moins marrant c'était de le voir passer sans s'arrêter... :(

Il y a un truc qui m'a marqué quand je suis allée en Angleterre cet été: les gens font la queue pour prendre le bus ! Je me suis fait "gentillement" remettre en place quand j'ai voulu passé devant !

Eh oui, c'est pénible d'entendre les conversations téléphoniques des gens (même si parfois ça m'arrive de le faire...oups!). Mais je trouve que ce n'est pas ça le plus dérangeant. Le pire ce sont les odeurs...surtout quand le trajet est long et qu'il fait chaud. C'est insupportable !

"10) I am not funny after 11pm.
11) I may not be funny before 11pm either"

Don't worry ! You're funny after and before 11pm. You're just tired ! As I can say in french: Il y a des jours avec et des jours sans !

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Nel said...

It's good to have you back Kate, I missed reading your blog.

I have to admit that I'm not going to complain about public transport in this country (UK) again after visiting my sister in Kenya.

The plane that we were waiting on for an internal flight was 2 hours late, and then was diverted to pick other people up and so ended up 3 hours late.

The matatus (sort of taxis/minibuses) are very uncomfortable, hold 14 but usually are filled with at least 20, and have very loud music playing all the time. They don't have an actual timetable, but if you stand at the side of the road, one will probably pass by and if it's not full, will pick you up. If you hire them, they usually turn up about an hour late.

And the roads there make our roads seem as smooth as glass. They have potholes in their potholes!

5:24 AM  
Blogger Bek said...

Buses don't smell so good in Australia either.... but can I just say, I learned the hard way how to tolerate them. Take it from me: any smell is nice after sitting across the aisle from someone hurling his stomach contents about (painful as that must have been)

Thankfully, I now drive a car and have to put up with that "new car" smell. (not to mention, fuel costs)

6:02 AM  
Blogger Trialia said...

1) I don't use my cell phone on the bus, but I do sing. (Don't worry, I'm not quite scary-bad at it. Most of the time.)

2) Cute.

3) Ummm, do you know somewhere that buses do smell good? Cause if so I think I'd like to go there...

4) True as.

5) Join the club. ;) I got myself four new books this week, and I already have 650. I'm supposed to be saving for my holiday!

6) Oh, you should meet my stepmom. She does exactly the same thing.

7) Well, I'm going to Ontario next summer, hopefully, so I'll bear that in mind!

8) I wouldn't know.

9) *nodnod* Don't try going Greyhound across North America, then.

10) Awwww.

11) Yes you are. :)

6:22 AM  
Blogger Red Phoniex said...

people on buses REALLY annoy me. What's worst is when some kids in the back are going through every ringtone on their phones. So glad i've got my own car now. Could never go back to catching the bus everyday.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Flo said...

great to hear from you again... ;-) what's worse than people speaking on their cell phones on buses? people using their cell phones in the streets but with the 'kit piéton' and who seem to be talking to an imaginary friend right behind you! lol...

moving to turkey? great, you'll be nearer europe then! (only kidding, i'm sure you'd miss your family out there)...

bonne chance pour l'écriture de la pièce aujourd'hui après ces deux jours de folie touristique! ;-)

7:25 AM  
Blogger M said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend :)

I didn't actually notice that you hadn't updated coz I was busy completing an assignment (I study part-time supposedly) and a friend from abroad visited Sydney. :)

I've never been to Canada, but I hear that it's a beautiful country. Next year, I'm going to Europe/UK for a holiday - and visiting my sis but so far, I have yet to visit North America.

Buses or not, it can't be as bad as the trains in Sydney! Or the un-air conditioned tube in London when it's a hot summer :D

7:37 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I think that there is some law that states that only crazy stinky people are allowed to ride the bus. *nods* Of course, all of us non crazy non stinky people only remember this after we have paid the fare. *sobs*

I think that you are all kinds of funny! *nods*
I'm also not surprised about your nieces being so smart. Doesn't genius run in the family?

I noticed that you weren't about. I figured that you were out there having a life. *nods* Turns out I was right.

It's more slacking off! (unless of course you're writing in this blog then it's not slacking off)

Wow....ramble much Jenn?

8:16 AM  
Blogger dee said...

I've (thankfully) never had to experience the whole "bus thing" (at least not yet) but I'd have to think that the Paris metro system in July during a heatwave is WAY worse.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I think that you might like this song.

It's Breathe Me by Sia.
It really is wonderful.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Maybe the link will work this time.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Nathalie said...

Yay! for spending time with family and friends!

People in my country (the Netherlands) are way past any shame they might have had in regards to sharing things with the entire train/underground compartment they are in.

The "Yes, but I'd rather not say" is, after a comment or two from the other line, usually followed by "Okay. You see...." where the volume is only slightly turned down and hence the entire compartment is listening in.

Discounts are a disaster when they have all the things you ever wanted on discount. With me it's usually books in series I read, TV Show seasons on DVD that I simply must have or hats I maybe wear once. *sigh* I guess it's a female thing...

9:24 AM  
Blogger Auliya said...

Ooo, ooo stinky bus rides! I rode a bus for four days across the US. It does indeed smell just as bad as public transit but worse because you're on for much longer. I thought If blocked most of the memory out of my head, until SOMEONE decided to blog about her bus experience. Thanks alot Kate! LOL!

I unfortunatly didn't notice your absence because I was at my crappy job all weekend, but am glad that you're back with more info. BTW, you're way cool and don't let anyone tell you different.(This coming from a self proclaimed scifi geekess) I'm glad you blog for us.
Sorry for the constant blabbering.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Tracy Jane said...

Well, seeing as that entry was post-11pm, I can confirm that you are indeed funny at that hour. Of course, it may just be my sense of humour that's damaged beyond repair.

I have the same problem with beer, but not with buses - I don't use them.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Tracy Jane said...

Wha...?!?! Same problem with beer? I meant with shopping, but do you think my brain might be trying to tell me something?

Really glad you had a good time with the family!

9:59 AM  
Blogger Jan said...

However, erm, strange buses may smell in Ontario, I would rather roast aboard a bus than try to drive in Toronto. I'm always surprised at the number of otherwise happy-looking pedestrians that become suicidal the moment they see my car, and feel compelled to lurch in front of it. No crosswalk? No problem!

Sipping coffee in a Yorkville Starbucks this morning, I was reminded that the film festival is fast approaching: a fellow at the next table over on the patio had TWO cell phones going. Life's too short to be saddled with two cell phones!

10:46 AM  
Blogger Aurora said...

I actually thought you were off doing something productive with your time, because you probably have a life...unlike I think we all noticed you were gone.

Spending time with family is almost always fun. Like yesterday my dad, youngest brother and I took our three dogs for a walk in the woods and picked wild black raspberries. Of course I ate most of them before they even hit the bucket.

I once traveled cross country, from New Hampshire to Arizona in a Grayhound bus. I'll keep out the details, but its an experiance I am glad I did, but don't need to do

10:52 AM  
Blogger Cassandra said...

Dear lord, there are more Hewlett siblings?

Clearly you all need to have blogs - especially your brilliant nieces. :)

11:24 AM  
Blogger sueKay said...

The buses in my area are so bad (and tend to crash quite often) that I avoid them at all costs...even if it means I need to walk for a few miles to get to the train station.

I may be going on holiday to Canada sometime next year, so where would you recommend?

Discout stores are evil...I'll see something dear that I want, think 'do I really need that?' and go to a cheaper store...and buy a ton more stuff than I would have bought otherwise!

And yes, you are funny...funnier than my blog anyways lol!

11:33 AM  
Blogger nclowe said...

Trust me, buses in Ontario have nothing on those in the UK. Yours at least seem to run on time and don't cost an arm and a leg to travel on (I just loved that $2.50 one way thing that Toronto had when I visited!). I accidentally swore (semi-quietly) when I was on a bus/tram thingy in Toronto and got death threats from all the other passengers. In the UK you get off the bus now well versed in a variety of colourful phrases that would make a stand-up comic blush.

The best buses? Has to be Malta. Not only do they have air-conditioning *aka no windows and doors wide open* but the drivers can't seem to decide which side of the road they like best, bombing along at 60mph. Very similar to Turkish buses now you mention it.

*realises she has been harping on about buses for far too long*

errr... I'll go now.

p.s. Turkey = yummy apple tea!!!

11:40 AM  
Blogger Becky S said...

I'm very glad you got a chance to spend time with family and friends. It's good to get out and have something in your life other than the internet and work.

I can't really comment on the whole bus thing as my experience with buses is limited to pretty much just school buses. Growinf up on a farm does that. And all my distance traveling has been in cars with family or friends. (There are a few people who qualify as both)

My sister had a kind of interesting idea once for a new use for a bus. She and her husband rode motorcycles a lot when they first got married, so they bought a bus that was being retired, did a little work on it and turned it into a sort of motorhome where they could also carry their bikes in the back. They had it for several years and used it every weekend.

Mabe you can get your 'revenge' for bad bus rides by thinking of uses for old buses...

11:52 AM  
Blogger Jwall said...

Glad you liked the band photo. That was a bit of a delayed response, but whatev.

As for busses, if you and David come down to Chicago to pimp ADB, then you can smell what busses are supposed to smell like. Or, at least the El. When I was in Vancouver I got to ride the Sky Train, and it was so amazing to ride on a bit of public transportation that didn't have people's dogs peeing in the corner, and people flossing their teeth and dumping the floss on the floor, and other people eating verrrrry aromatic food in the other corner.

*sigh* God bless America.

The moral of the story? Sky Train > The El.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous mrsdrhuber said...

The discount store thing is so true! Too many tempting things to buy, and if you don't buy them right away, they might be gone the next day. So really, you can't afford not to buy! Evil consumerism at its best.

12:18 PM  
Blogger aurore said...

I absolutely didn't notice you were gone. It's not like I've checked your blog several times a day to see if you had posted another hilarious entry. Ahem. I swear I have a life.

3 & 4 are also true in France.
I had to take the bus for years to go to school and then to work when I didn't have a car and it was hell. And that was in the Dark Ages when everyone and his dog didn't have a cell phone.

I still take the bus and the train from time to time to visit big cities because I hate driving.

Spent the Shuttle three hours ride between London and Paris last year hearing (I can't say listening since the volume was loud) the conversation of a mature woman who tried hard to look younger (but failed miserably) with someone who seemed to be family. She kept on babbling about her niece who was a desperate case because she wasn't married at 25, didn't have kids and Oh my God, maybe she was a lesbian?! She spoke so fast it must have been a one sided conversation because I didn't think the other woman could have had a word in edgewise.
I kept imagining myself jumping on her, ripping the phone from her carefuly manucured hands and stomping it gladly. That's what kept me sane I think.

5) I am bad with money.
Not as bad as me if you don't have a fondness for bags and shoes. I always find perfectly good reasons to buy several new ones every season.

WRONG to 10 & 11. But you were tired so you're pardonned ;-)


PS: Yipee about Rufus! Do you attribute the weight loss to the magic laser pen or did you try to cut his food down?

12:44 PM  
Blogger mhera/lemonchicken said...

Im from Hamilton myself, and its funny that you were here this weekend, because I was in Toronto...and no, Hamilton isnt bad at all. I look forward to coming home after being in such a large city as toronto.

I met your ADB costar Paul, extremely sweet guy, and he seemed to really enjoy working with you. But beware, he has now heard of your blog. lol.

*g* And yes, we did wonder where you got to...figured you were off on some grand adventure, lol.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Erynn said...

Salivia -- there are no trains from Seattle to Rapid City. Amtrak is a mewling imposter of a train system. The closest I could get to Rapid from Seattle on a train was Denver, Colorado. Then I'd have had to take a bus anyway.


US public transit yea verily doth well and truly suck elephant wang.

Then again, who really wants to go to Rapid City unless they have to? (My mom and my brother were living there at the time. Neither of them are there now. Mom moved there to be near my brother, who was stationed there in the Air Force. She said the weather in Rapid was better than the weather in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts...)

4:38 PM  
Blogger Emma said...

Buses are a.) uncomfortable, b.) decidely wiffy and c.) brilliant for people watching...which is more entertaining than...well...a very entertaining thing.

5:42 PM  
Blogger nomidalantian said...

I'm bad with money!! and you seem to be funny all the time.. like my friend is funny, well not exactly like her, shes funny in a different way... You know I better keep this comment short, or I'm liable to post you another flipping essay! I get off track easily and i've just realised that by writing that I've gotten off track... Oh yeah... I'm always standing in front of (or behind) people talking bolocks over their phones. it's particularly worrying when a guy is behind me on his phone sayong he's getting turned on- queues are baaaaaddddd... I'd better stop typing... keep up the great blogging.
P.S Read one of my blogs!

5:43 PM  
Blogger crownglass39 said...

The best cellphone non-conversation I had was waiting in line at a Star Wars convention (yeah, I'm a geek). The person behind me was talking loudly on her cell phone about getting semen in her eye and how much it hurt.

Of course, being the optical nosybody that I am, I butted in to tell her exactly what to do in a situation like that.
(irrigate, irrigate, irrigate)

She shut up pretty quickly after that.

I get that question fairly often since I work for an eye doctor.

6:37 PM  
Blogger susan said...

Your cat is beautiful and cuddly. Declawing is illegal in the UK, how is a cat meant to take chunks out of our antique furniture without claws? My cat died in May and I am going to get another two later in the year. Just moggies, nothing posh. Just psychotic little monsters who bite and scratch and hack up hair balls at meal times.

Good to see you get on with your brother. I get on really well with mine - something to do with me living in Scotland and him in England!

10:40 PM  
Blogger Mrs Korber said...

WRT cell phones: I've heard all kinds of things as a bus passenger, including one memorable review of a young woman's ... exploits? and personal hygiene and health issues. And then there was the day I got to listen to a young man wheel and deal illegal substances. Although I do now know the going rates for several party chemicals. Still, I don't really feel enriched by hearing about her love life, and it makes me nervous to hear someone else's attempts at pharmacological free enterprise (I feel like an accessory!),so I'm with Turkey on that one.



12:20 AM  
Blogger Desiree said...

I have friends from both St. Catherine's AND Hamilton and they've both been after me for YEARS to come visit. I just want to take a summer and spend it travelling through Canada. I mean I've been to Toronto twice and fell in love with the city. (It doesn't hurt that EVERYONE was in love with my accent...I'm from South Carolina, USA, and you can tell by my voice!)

Oh and discount stores not being cheap when you buy EVERYTHING in there? Yeah I feel your pain on that one. We have dollar stores here where EVERYTHING is just a dollar or less. That's all well and good until you realize you have like 100 things in your cart. I'm bad with money to. It doesn't like me hence it's always running away from me.

From what your brother has said about you in interviews, I tend to think you're funny ALL the time. Must be genetic!

Looking forward to seeing you in McKay and Mrs. Miller. I think it's so amazing that you and your brother are getting to work together so much! And you're both ADORABLE!

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Dso17 said...

Hi !
Merci ! Réponse sur mon blog !

2:31 AM  
Blogger icicle said...

hey kate!

i feel your pain about riding the bus, both city and national transport. i refuse to ride "greyhound" ever again. *shudders at the memory* 12 hours people! 12 hours on greyhound after sitting next to some guy that smoked pot in the bathroom. 12 hours...only to be dumped on a payphone. yes, a payphone! and then have to ride 12 hours back home. *shudders again* not even going to mention the prague/paris bus tour that showed porn for entertainment!! (yea, it's as bad as it sounds.)

i've discovered that i can tolerate most interaction with family members with starbucks. starbucks has quickly become one of my best friends. maybe i should buy some shares, hmmm? now i want a hot chocolate, no whip, extra shot. *sigh*

i like my sister too. we're not related by blood- just best friends that have chosen to be sisters. it's true; you either hate your college roomate or you bond for life. wait...that didn't come out right. heads out of gutter people!!

i slept a lot- does that count as being productive? i also annoyed people at work. they're idiots. that's always fun.

i shouldn't, i really shouldn't...and i know you're making a joke...but no, let's not go to turkey. that county pissed me off. they're turning a blind eye to 'honor killings'. i just can't sit back and say, no kate! don't go to turkey. they encourage girls to commit suicide if they do something that's against some strict sexist code of honor. ok, now that i've done my whole "fight the power feminist speech"...moving on.

you could do what i do when cell phone conversations annoy me. make commentary!! mock them incessantly! make hand gestures to go along with what they're saying. interrupt them, and ask questions about whatever they're discussing!

(elyse sewell from the model show is my mocking queen. if i could only mock 1/3 as well. she mocks herself!
how can you not love that!

my discount store used to be ebay! then i realized just how much crap i wanted...and that i'm not rich! and i'm a lot less rich after an hour on, i don't go there anymore. *sniffle. i miss ebay!! crys.*

what's the chances of hamilton getting an NHL team? (i say give them one already!)

i went, wooo! i've been to st. catherines. then realized, nope. that was kitchner. had some great thai curry chicken. i don't have a cool st. catherine's story. only a kitchner one. because i had good food. and a discussion about ikea before the food. and a tour of a university campus in kitchner. that i didn't attend, but a friend did. but now, if anyone asks if i've been to st. catherine's i'll say "yes, i have been there!" only it will take me an hour after the converstation to realize, that i've only been to kitchner. and that no one cares either way except they'll be looking for a cool thai restuarant that isn't there. won't that be a surprise! and if i know them, they'll email me and yell at me for it. i'll pretend i told them it was kitchner in the first place. but WE will all know the truth in kate's blog.

youtube people! i beg you, put kate's epi on youtube so i can watch it too. *hugs person that will do this 'cause he/she/it is cool. and i'm not. so thank you.* youtube!

the semen eye story is both scary and intriguing. not quite sure what that says about me. now wonders how quickly someone is going to write that into fanfiction story. with that thought, more scared than intrigued.

sga fanfiction, eye semen, and bus porn: what more could anyone possibly want?

-pamushka (going to seek comfort food now)

2:31 AM  
Blogger icicle said...

just wanted to apologize for my previous long-ass post.

i'm sleep deprived and had too much pepsi.


2:41 AM  
Blogger Kirsten said...

I think buses smell bad everywhere. And there's scary people on them that tell you about how they can't wait to get somewhere where they can take their drugs and then try to dig through your grocery bag and tell you about how you can make Top Ramen taste like anything you want it to taste like...

5:04 AM  
Blogger smiley_jen said...

I always enjoy havng fun with family. I have a great story posted on my blog involving boating and "flying" fish...if you feel like checking it's else who wants to check it out can too...but just to warn's 99% about my son Ethan so you may find it a tad bit boring.

10:28 AM  
Blogger kittenz2006 said...

Well Hello, sorry it took so long to respond as I spent the weekend copy editing for a local author who actually finished a manuscript unlike the 37 (yes I counted when I moved) that I have not, but I digress.
A true seasoned Ontario traveler needs to do the 19 hours between TO and Tbay or the glorious 25 hours between TO and Kenora. Considering the state of the highways it becomes an endurance test about the time you reach Georgian Bay. Please don't be a Torontian who thinks Ontario ends at Barrie.
In your local area, Brantford, Stratford and Niagara on the Lake are all lovely and well worth a look.
The true purpose of family (especially) and friends ( to a lesser extent) is to make us feel that we are the "normal" ones; therefore much better than coffee and or beer- not a good as pizza though.
My parting thoughts:
1. While it has been a while and cell phones weren't the rage then, Turkish buses are simply a sensory delight. The concept of less is more hasn't taken hold there so all conversations are at full volume, colour co-ordination in clothes follows a WHOLE new set of rules and personal adornment through the use of fragrance is based on one-upsmanship.
Sadly, being bad with money is pretty common; I'm thinking of having myself declared the third world nation and apply for debt relief from the World Monetary Fund. If if works, I'll let you know.
Your nieces Dora the Explorer expertise is simply superior genetics. My niece who is nine can learn a dance routine by watching it once. It make me feel like I came from the shallow end of the gene pool.
Fear not, you are actually very funny, which isn't that easy to do at the best of times.
My cat, Kittenz, who is 23 lbs and has gender issues (he lets his younger sisters suckle on him), is concerned that you truly don't appreciate the allure of a portly feline. I read him the part about Rufus exercising and he walked away his tail held high in disgust and his bottom end looking like he was wearing oversize furry Cossack pants.
Okay, more than enough said, I shall return to the land of lurkers. L.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Trialia said...

IMHO, declawing is cruel. I hate when my cats (all three of them) decide to claw at my furniture or my carpet (or me, goodness knows I'm scarred a lot from that!), and I stop them right away and do punish them for it, but taking away their claws would just be horrible. I ask people in favour of declawing: would you like your fingernails removed? No. Exactly.

I travelled over a thousand miles by Greyhound during my trip to the US last year, and I enjoyed that a lot more than I did the buses in Miami, which have NO suspension (and when your shoulder has a propensity to dislocate at a sneeze, that's a very bad thing. I had to hold it the whole time).

12:23 PM  
Blogger BorgTeddy said...

Hi Kate :)

I have now officially seen more of Ontario than I ever needed to.

You've definatly seen more then me, since I've only been in Ontario once.
And that was when taking the bus from Montreal to Toronto. Fortunately I was with a friend so we just talked the whole time :)
I've also been on some busses in Monreal itself.

In the Netherlands I mostly us the train to get places.
I used to travel to work by train every day, but I've moved closer to where I work so now it's only a 20 minute bike ride to get there.

now for some public transport Dutch words.

Openbaar vervoer - public transort
trein - train
bus - bus
bushalte - bus stop
perron - perron
treinkaartje - train ticket
strippenkaart - bus ticket

That's it for now.
More Dutch later :)


7:47 PM  
Blogger Jo said...


Buses are the Uber!evil! (especially our buses in England--has never been on any out of the country)*nods* Says the girl whos Grandad, Dad, Uncle were all Bus drivers and whos hubby is also now a bus driver. I hate buses, They are a phobia of mine from the minute I get on one I start to panic! I have literally walked for miles to avoid taking the bus!

*sighs* Money is evil too! Why is there never enough of it!? *cries through lack of money*

And I totally refuse to believe that you are not funny. You always manage to make me smile, no matter how crappy I am feeling! You and David are little rays of happy funtasticness!(yeah, I know it isn't a real word...welcome to the language of Jo! ;o))

*stops babbling and leaves you in peace* :o)

11:21 PM  
Blogger Patricia said...

I have to agree with the praise of the Skytrain in Vancouver. However, I did have a fairly smelly bus ride there, so much so that I got out and walked the last eight blocks in the rain. I understand that talking on a cell phone masks the bus odor, especially if you have one of the new lilac-scented phones.

Your bloggerly dedication shames me.

11:27 PM  
Blogger Iona said...

I read this entire post. I am not a cool person. Actually, I'm hot. (Okay, this came out wrong. ;) It's a sunny and very, very warm day here, therefore I'm hot). Anyway, I liked this post, although I don't agree with thoughts 10) and 11). I am truly not a cool person.

Yay for Rufus (if only because he's adorable). It would be nice if it was this easy for humans to lose weight. You buy a laser pointer and... poof! Well, daydreaming is nice.

Although I've had enough experience with bus rides like those from thought 4), your trip sounds even worse than my 15 hour ride (thankfully in an air-conditioned bus) several years ago. You're good!

And if you're reading this... what are you still doing here? Go write your play or at least search for somethig to inspire you. :)

8:51 AM  
Blogger freckles said...

I think the most memorable bus journeys I've ever had were in Greece (or, more specifically, one of the islands). The buses were almost always jam-packed with passengers. I think sardines have more room than we ever did :) In order to collect the fares from us, the conductor would either climb over the seats along the whole length of the bus or would be passed along over our heads by anyone strong enough! I kid you not! That was an interesting experience and I just wish I had taken photos!

And you were missed. Glad you had such a lovely visit with your family!

1:52 PM  
Blogger Liloow-Vena said...

hey!! vous semblez etre traumatisée par les bus!!

I don't feel like to write this in english sorry, and I'm tired so I can't write alot!!!

see you!!!

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

St Catherine's ...Have to agree it's a lovely city. Last time I was in Canada - two years ago - was to Toronto so I could take the ferry back to Rochester. Used to do a shopping daytrip up to Kingston. Easier to get over the 1000 Island Bridge than the Peace Bridge in Buffalo. Customs - it's own form of hell.

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Lexa said...

You just need to build a tolerance to buses. And possibly embrace your inner cheap bastard. Three times now I'm made the pilgrimage from my house in Denver, Colorado to Vancouver, BC... on Greyhound bus.

It's 40 hours each way and totally an animated sitcom. Everthing outside looks the same so people are constanting waking up and going "'scuse me, what state are we in". There's always some weirdo with drugs, and a soul crushed woman with almost no luggage, 2 filthy children, and no money to buy food or diapers.

They're perfect places to write with the white noise and strangers you mimed "me deaf" at in a bid to not have to interact with them. But I usually end up staring off into space anyway.

The only smell I noticed was when some Latino guy save next to me for about 4 hours one night and farted all the way to his destination.

1:57 AM  
Anonymous Sinem said...

It's true we don't allow cell phones on the buses, thank god. I'll probably never understand why people shout while talking on their cell phones.. If you ever come to Turkey, I would love to show you around 8)

3:54 AM  

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