Tuesday, August 29, 2006

They Can't Take That Away From Me/

(Hey, I posted THIS photo myself. Nice.)

Thanks for all the cat info (catfo?), which I will definitely try out on poor Rufus. Just so you know, that cat wheel is the funniest thing I have ever seen. If I could build one, I would. I think tying a piece of chicken to a string is a pretty great idea, too, but I'm a vegetarian, so it would be sort of like tying a human ear to a piece of string and pulling it around my living room. I just can't. (I feed him meat disguised as cat food, of course, so I'm a bit of a hypocrite.) I might try using a cat treat or something as a toy instead, though. Would that defeat the purpose of the exercise? Hmmm.

On the subject of coffee...it pains me (quite literally) to say this, but my doctor just told me that I'm not allowed coffee anymore! Nor am I allowed chocolate, Advil, alcohol, spicy food or fried food. I told my dad and he said, "There goes breakfast." Nice. Of course, I'm drinking a coffee right now. Just a small one, though. And I just washed down two Advil with some Jack Daniels and a fistful of chili flakes. (That one was a lie.)

This blogging thing is DEADLY. I'm supposed to be writing a play right now. Ohhh dear.

Thanks again for all the feedback, though. And from so many different countries! Wow! David's fans are cool.



Blogger Tammy Mc said...

"Nor am I allowed chocolate, Advil, alcohol, spicy food or fried food."

I can't have any of that stuff either except for chocolate which I have been avoiding for about 2 months now. I know it's not the same but are you allowed decaf coffee?

By the way, we are your fans now too. :)

This blogging and net stuff can become quite addictive. It is good to hear from you again though. David is going to have to kick it up a notch to keep up with you.

Good luck with the writing.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Trialia said...

No coffee OR chocolate?! ...How... how will you survive?!?

Seriously? *blink* Both coffee and chocolate are migraine triggers for me, but I still can't go without altogether no matter how much I hate my migraines... because caffeine withdrawal gives them to me as well. I don't know how you can stand it! Of course.. you're not complying yet, are you? ^_~ Half a cup of instant coffee a day can't be too far off the guidelines... maybe you can get away with that? I do. :)

Oh, that reminds me: your thread. ^_^

Also? Cats rock. I've got three, and they're all as insane as each other. <3

11:47 AM  
Blogger slodwick said...

First, that picture is a) oddly beautiful, and 2) hilarious! Thanks for posting it -- and well done you for doing it yourself!

And wow, you poor thing. I could do without most of the list, but not the spicy/fried foods. And possibly not alcohol. I mean, I live in the US -- what would there be left?

12:17 PM  
Blogger elfgirl said...

The most distressing part of that picture is that your coffee is on the other side of the bars.

I drink tea because tea is the answer for everything.

We had a Cat of Size at one point, and ended up putting him on "diet" cat food which seemed to help a bit. Having children whose motivation for learning to walk was "Must get cat!" probably contributed as well, come to think of it.

12:18 PM  
Blogger salivia_baker said...

love the pic! looks like a nice afteroon.

Jeez no chocolate? *die* how can your do that to you?
Well I drink no coffee but I'm evil addictedto Pepsi Light.. and yeah my doc said more or less I should cut back on that as well.. I feel with you! She put my on a diat as well *meh* Doctors can be so evil! And the worse part of it is actually they are (mostly) right. :-/

Uuh and if ya have "withdrawl problems" of teh coffein yu may wanne have some coffein minds. I dunno if you have that in canada, we (in germany) don't have that but it's avaiable in the US (or at least in Texas)

12:31 PM  
Blogger sueKay said...

I'm not allowed most of that stuff either because apparently my heart is a ticking timebomb...not that it stops me! (apart from spicy stuff cos of my allergies)

I'm allowed the alcohol, but I'm on flu meds just now so...well actually that could be pretty funny!

I think the Starbucks people are siding with my doctor with regards to my health though...went in there a couple of weeks ago and they actually forgot to put the coffee in the coffee!

And yes blogging's addictive. Had my livejournal for months and posted twice...now I post two or three times a day...every day! lol!

Great piccy :D

1:15 PM  
Blogger crownglass39 said...

One of my boys, BobaCatt, is a little...well...hefty, and he's not into the toy mice or anything traditional like that.

One thing that I have found that works like a charm to get him going is a balloon. Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but a mylar balloon with a very long ribbon is his favorite toy. He's such a weirdo (but my weirdo) that he drags the balloon around the house and I'll hear this 'thump thump thump' of it bouncing off the ceiling. Then he'll chase it around for a bit.

One balloon lasts me about 3 weeks before it deflates enough to scare the crap out of his when we walk into a room to this floaty thing...

The ladies at the dollar store that I get them ask "Another balloon for your cat?" when I walk in.

It's odd, but it works. AND there's the bonus of not dragging body parts around your house which, quite honestly, is just a little bit gross no matter if it's human or animal body bits.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Nightsister said...

Hey, it's the Amazing Kate-in-a-Kage! :)

So no more chocolate-covered fried jalapeno poppers for you, I guess? (Not that I would willingly eat that either, ew.) I had to start restricting my diet as well, so I sympathize.

As far was kitty exercises go, I found that just living in a house with stairs did wonders for my 25 pound cat. Of course, when we moved to a teeny apartment, there went that.

But maybe someone can build (or you can do it yourself) a set of carpet covered stairs (like that platform they use for the winners in the Olympics), and entice him to walk up and down on that?

I don't mean to sound like a downer, but large cats tend to get diabetes easily, and it can be fatal. I found that out the hard way, with my 25 pound cat. So anything to keep Rufus healthy and insane is a good thing.

Oh, and David's fans = Kate's fans. :)

1:43 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

No coffee or chocolate??? Thats the 3rd level of hell!!

2:14 PM  
Blogger ZoniDuck said...

Thank you for making me laugh today! I totally cracked up at the fistful of chili flakes. For some reason it just struck me as completely hilarious. David had better watch out, because you're well on your way to becoming the most popular Hewlett (assuming you weren't already *g*). Oh, and judging by your Dad's comment, I think we can see the snark is hereditary in the Hewlett family.

Rufus is adorable! My Sasha is quite a big girl herself, 23 lbs the last time she was weighed, but she's healthy as a horse. I know this because she had a UTI back in April, and the vet ran every test he could on her before giving me the antibiotics she needed. She'll probably outlive me, but she'll never pay me back the $500 it cost me.

And yes, blogging is a complete time suck, so be wary. At least here on Blogger you can't respond to individual comments, because hoo boy! You can lose whole days doing that.

2:59 PM  
Blogger wordplay said...

Blogging CAN change your life, in an 'oh no my soul has been eaten but I don't really miss it' kind of way. It's also a really pleasant diversion - better than Sudoku for killing time. I'm at a blogging crossroad right now, operating multiple blogs across multiple platforms for way too many purposes, and I've never felt quite so schizoid.

Re. the dietary stuff - wow, that's all incredibly familiar. The good news is that it might not last forever - my coffee habit, I am delighted (and perhaps a bit too perky) to report, is back in full force after several years of just not being able to deal with it at all. I'd say that going veg might help too, but it looks like you've already handled that. Can you at least still have tea?

3:05 PM  
Blogger Anise said...

Sounds as though your doctor is a carbon copy of my doctor - an evil denizen from hell who has no idea as to what a woman's body needs. Fortunately, I am still allowed spicy foods and alcohol - just no red wine, which is a killer!

Hang in there, and just punch out anyone who waves a decent shiraz under your nose...

3:15 PM  
Blogger aurore said...

Wow, you post way faster than David and I can't keep up!

No chocolate?! That'd be the death of me. And the deaths of many people because I jump on the chocolate at the first sign of oncoming temper tantrum (they are mostly internal, unlike one Rodney McKay, which is why I keep my job!).
I've never cared for coffee but I had to cut on the tea and boy, is this hard!

As throngs of people have already told you, I'm waiting impatiently for the infamous "McKay and Mrs Miller" episode. I've been dying to see Jeannie since the very first episode she was mentionned in. I remember thinking it was beyond cool that David's real life sister was going to play Rodney's sister! You're going to gain some fans after that episode :-)

Rufus could have played Rodney's cat! I know I have a one track mind but that's the first thing I've thought when I saw the picture. I can see Rodney with a cat like this one.

And yes, blogging is hell when you're trying to write. The web in general is. Because it gives you an excuse to procrastinate and not search for that elusive idea/sentence.

Witty sense of humor seems to run in the Hewlett's family :-)


3:36 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Rufus looks to be slightly bigger than Guy (officially was named The Guy), and we never did figure out how to make him slimmer and trimmer. The fact he was a tomcat might have had something to do that. So advice I'm out of. Though, you could always get one of those pointer things they sell at PetSmart or Petco and have him chase the beam on the wall. Of course, that could just be GTR's (Gas Tank Rider, guess how we found her) thing, as she also stole toast with grape jelly. GTR was Guy's older sister.

And no chocolate? Seriously? That'd be hell wrapped up in an ugly package. Officially as a diabetic, I'm not supposed to consume it, but I'm a *girl.* You can't take that away from us, when mood swinging since it makes them drop dramatically. Well, the lovely wine might help with that too. *grins* Actually, your whole list except Advil is evil. Advil doesn't do squat anyway.

Beware of the blogging. It takes over your life, but at least it's on LJ, which you can comment back and that steals a high amount of time. Not that I would know that. Really. Nope, not one bit.

Psst, sisters always win against brother. You're the cooler Hewlett.

3:40 PM  
Blogger Erynn said...

I'm way into the bloggage myself. And damn, how did they get you into that little teeny cage? ;)

LiveJournal is my blogaddiction of choice. I like that it threads responses so that people can follow a conversation. *plug plug*

I second Tammy, claiming we're you're fans too. *waves the Kate flag* Repeat after me -- "Fandom is a Way of Life."

3:54 PM  
Blogger Erynn said...

Oh, and I've been allergic to coffee for years. I drink tea. Lots and lots and lots of tea. Flavored tea. Green tea. White tea. Herbal tea. Maté. Oolong. Pu Ehr. Lapsang Souchong. Chai. Ocha. Twig tea. Tea with lavendar. Tea with rose petals. Tea with hazelnut.

mmmmmm. teaaaaaaa.

My mom triggers migraines on coffee, chocolate, cheese, and a bunch of other stuff. I have other friends who have a vast world of dietary restrictions -- no garlic, no pepper, no anything spicy, some of them no wheat, no gluten, others no eggs. Some are vegans, some are on Adkins. It makes it more difficult to cook for everyone at a party, but it can be done if everything's labeled so folks can avoid their allergens. I've actually got rather adept at the whole thing.

When you're a vegetarian the whole no spicy food thing really does make a difference, but there are ways to avoid the bland factor if you're good with cooking herbs. Just because it's not peppery or curry-spicy doesn't mean it can't be tasty.

Rosemary, for instance, is a nice, strong flavor that complements a lot of things. Dark toasted sesame oil, even when used sparingly, can add a lot of flavor as well. Flavored vinegars can be a good choice -- balsamic, red wine vinegar, or rice wine vinegar can be really useful.

I hate to say it, but even without chocolate, the world of sweets is wide open. It's not the same, but life is still pretty damned good when you're talking about things like kulfi (Indian icecream flavored with pistachio and cardamom) or creme brule or blackberry-peach cobbler.

(Have I mentioned that I'm a big fan of food porn? No? Food -- it's not just an obsession, it's a way of life.)

Adjusting initially is going to be weird, but there are a lot of satisfying things out there that will still be on your list. Trust me.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Jwall said...

No coffee, chocolate, alcohol, or spicy foods?


The up side is you have roommates to suffer with you. Or to torment you, I guess it depends on the roommate.

As for blogging being addictive? LJ is like CRACK for me.

4:18 PM  
Blogger Aurora said...

I love that picture. Its very funny but relaxing all at the same time.

No more coffee? Thats painful just to think about. Coming from someone who has tried to quit several times, I can tell you the first week with no coffee is just hell. After that it gets easier, but you'll most likely still crave it. Good luck.

Blogging is very addictive. I've lost hours just reading LJs and blogs.

We may have started out as David's fans, but I think you have pretty much won us over all on your own. :)

*waves from the middle of nowhere, New Hampshire*

4:25 PM  
Anonymous goldustlady said...

I agree with the throngs who've responded before me. Blogging will suck your soul dry - but in a good way. Though, as with many of the others, I prefer Livejournal.com for my blogging; been there for 5 years and I'm much too old to change now lol.

I have no advice for fat cats. Mine are all of the active and skinny camp - especially the kitten Snarf, who has taken it upon himself to depopulate the neighborhood of mice and voles. Do you have any idea what it's like to wake up to a bed full of dead mice? *shudder* Not fun.

And again I follow the masses and say you have fans of your own now. Welcome to fandom, where insanity is the norm. ;)

4:30 PM  
Blogger Cazilie said...

*Really* looking forward to seeing you in Atlantis! Of course being in England means I won't see it until forever! But I'm sure you'll be fantastic. Really hoping we get 'A dogs breakfast' in the UK too!

Coffee is evil. It's a way of enslaving millions of people to work harder on less sleep! You can survive without it! Blogging is great and enables humble fans like myself to see what the great and good get up to! Personally I'm a livejournal addict, it works excellently (word?) as procrastination, though of course it prevents you from actually *doing* anything!

Thanks for posting!

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Tracy Jane said...

No coffee? No alkyhole? No chocolate? Oh well. All the more for me, then! Just kidding. I couldn't imagine life without the three essentials, so I really feel for you.

As for "David's fans", I know who my fave Hewlett is, and it ain't him ;) Trust me, you've got your own crazy, crazy following now!

And addictive is an understatement. I love my blog and I post all sorts of rubbish on it, probably going to head over there now to review the little indie film I just saw.

Hmmm, the chicken thing... I suppose you could do it with a cat treat, but you'll have to make him work for it. A catnip toy might work, it sends them round the bend, though. I don't let my cat anywhere near the stuff.
Good luck with your play!

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Katie said...

Pharkally = Awesome!

5:34 PM  
Blogger Sal's Gal said...

So, uh... a bit cagey, are you?

*ducks the rotten tomatoes*

No coffee, no chocolate, no Advil, alcohol, spicy or fried food? Sounds like my food restrictions when I was carrying my daughter. I dunno how I survived it for nine months. I mean... seriously, no coffee, no chocolate?

Blogging will eat your life, no joke. It's like the ultimate time sink, eh? But it's fun. ;)

And it's not just David's fans who are cool - we're your fans, now, too. You Hewletts are an inspiring lot.

-Barb =)

5:56 PM  
Blogger b said...

the feline future raw food helps ktities lose weight if you want rufus to lose some. our mousebait used to be ginormous but he slimmed down to a normal weght after 2 years on it. and maybe you could trade stuff iwth somebody and have them make it for you so you dont have to handle the heart and liver and muscel meats. once it is all mixed maybe it will not bother you to serve.

no chocolate? oh no!!! it sounds like your liver is not hapy with you at all if you cant have all those things. i have to take milk thistle and dandelion cuz of liver damage and it helps a lot.

happy playwriting!

9:23 PM  
Blogger Bek said...

uh oh, she's addicted... maybe the blog will take away the coffee/choc etc addictions.

Love the photo. Your very artistic photos are so BEAUTIFUL! David's are so different! hehe :) I mean, a photo of himself shoving his fingers up his.. er.... Guess that's why we love him!

Hope that play is going well.

10:24 PM  
Blogger peppypilotgirl said...

I'm not allowed it either but, hey, nobody, but nobody makes me give up chocolate. Well, except for Lent; I give up chocolate for Lent every year - but that's different!! That's ME choosing to give it up. And, what the heck I figure, if I'm willing to brave vocal cord damage, bring on the vodka and Godiva!!

Good luck!

10:53 PM  
Blogger peppypilotgirl said...

OOps - one more thing! You might want to get Rufus's thyroid checked - just a thought!

11:04 PM  
Blogger Cyn said...

The photo is very amusing :) Thanks for sharing!

Sorry to hear about the dietary changes. Hey, it could be worse -- you could have a wheat or gluten allergy, which cuts out, uh, 70% of my normal diet. Heh.

Instead of chocolate, you could try carob? It's not exactly the same, but it does taste a lot like chocolate and goes well in cakes and cookies.

1:03 AM  
Blogger Rebeccasaurus said...

Nice photo! Good luck with functioning sans caffiene and such :)

4:08 AM  
Blogger Jane Jordan said...

comiserations on the coffee front, I got told to cut out caffine (and so I started drinking decaf) at the time my diet had a healthy dose of coffee, cheap cola and chocolate. I was not best pleased. Even if there was a chance it would help my headaches (it didn't turns out they were due to stress....no caffine probably added to that)
Is it just advil or analgesics in general...I've had to cut down on those too.
If it helps there are hugs from this end, about that...coz diet restrictions suck!

Ah blogging....livejournal is my weakness...I'm on there DAILY
really should blog here more often!

ah silly cats...we have 3 cats, one in particular..is big, white and thick as two short planks...not quite headbutted a wall but he sorta slides off things, but he's big and cuddly so that makes up for it.

Yeah so if its caffine your not allowed...DECAF!!! (all the taste just not the kick...not that I feel the kick til the 3rd cup...whaddya mean there's blood in my caffine system.)

wow that was a ramble!
take care

7:49 AM  
Blogger apban said...

No chocolate, alcohol or fried food.

God that sucks. That's practically my whole diet.

And yes getting a new blog can be very addictive. I'm amazed I didn't fail my first year at Uni. I spent so much time on line. and now I have a new blog. *shakes head* this can not go well

"Wow! David's fans are cool."

Of course we're cool. we're David's fans, how could we not be cool =)

Good luck with the writing =)

11:33 AM  
Blogger Red Phoniex said...

I don't know how i'd live without coffee... had to lose the milk after i became allergic. So no chocolate either :(

It's not just David's fans anymore, you have alot of your own. Even more after M&MM is aired.

P.S. you don't want to watch Stargate on T.V. Too many breaks ;)


12:33 PM  
Blogger Auliya said...

OH dear...I can see it now, the papers will read:

Kate Hewlett is in prison today as she went on a crime spree, after being told she could no longer have coffee OR chocolate by her doctor. She was arrested after holding up a StarBucks with her accomplice, a rather large cat dresssed in black. She held up the cashier with a bananna and asked for all the Mocha Lattechinos she could carry.
The police had no hassle taking her down as she feel asleep from lack of caffeine and having been up all night trying to fight writer's block.
I have too much time on my hands. Hope this doesn't offend you, it's just what ran through my head after reading your blog. Great pic, I have one of my daughter in a similiar cage. She put herself in it though and she liked it...you believe me right?

2:27 PM  
Anonymous MaryMcGillion said...

Hi Kate !!
I'm MaryMcGillion (friends call me just because I love Paul... humm don't say it)
I'm French, I don't understand all this article (specially the story with the cat and the chicken :p)!! You didn't eat chocolate??? OOh GOD!!! and what did you do when you whatched stargate????? lol
We love all you do!
Kiss to the family's Hewlett!!!!!!!
** MaryMcGillion **
ps: 'scuse me to my bad french!
ps2: to the fan of the hewlett my mail: min-forever@hotmail.fr

4:41 PM  
Blogger Hatusu said...

"Wow! David's fans are cool."

Yes, yes we are. :-)

It's nice to meet you on the internet. I didn't know that YOU were funny. Your Dad seems funny, too. Is that where you both get it?

10:54 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

Okay. Cat idea? Have you tried a flashlight or laser pointer? My cat goes nuts for that. Plus, it's a source of great amusement for humans.

As for your stomach, do you have a diagnosed ulcer? Or are they just guessing, based on symptoms? Have they tested you for h. pylori, yet? If your ulcer is caused by that bacterium, then there's treatment and life without an ulcer. (I lived with an ulcer for two years until someone finally treated me. Haven't had problems, since!)

Oh. And as someone who has come off of caffeine. Don't go cold turkey. Gradual reduction or you'll end up with the migraine from hell.

I encourage you to keep up the blogging so you can provide ME with a procrastination tool.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Liloow-Vena said...

" I posted THIS photo myself" ==> congratulations!!!

"Wow! David's fans are cool." ==> yeah...thank you!!

I've to admit I didn't read the article (only the beginning and the end)
But I write a comment just for the pleasure to talk nonsense in english and think that what I say means something.... You see? i talk nonsense. (I like this word!!!!)
But now, in France it's 00.17 so it's very late to read a foreign language and to make my mind works so.... I should go to bed...

see you!
Au revoir! (I imagine this french word with the canadian accent it's very... funny. No I'm not laughing at english, canadian, american who speak french because I've a big problem with accentuation in other languages. (in Spanish for exemple..)



6:26 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Okay....that seriously sucks that you can't have coffee. Is your doctor a sadist? Cause really....that's just wrong. And no chocolate? The doctor is not a sadist, but the DEVIL! You must run away Kate! Run!

And we're not just fans of David's. We're fans of yours too!

11:39 AM  
Blogger nomidalantian said...

we have three cats...and a puppy... sorry random post... And I agree with the others, I'm your fan too! sure David's cool, but you look crazy like me! (sorry if you dont wanna be roped into a group of crazy like me... never mind...) And I think you should give David a bit kick up the backside to get him to blog more! Its a good thing typing! rambling a bit... sorry again... xnomix

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Yeoyou said...

Hey Kate!

a very good way to keep oneself from doing the things one is supposed to do is writing to totally foreign people...so HI! *waves*
Poor thing with all those food restrictions...I'd die without chocy at least once a month (can't help it, men are soo lucky with that!)

To be honest: I came here because of David and decided to write because of Rufus...he's too cute! We're having four cats and two dogs...and most of the time they get quite well along with each other.
I hope you're not annoyed that I didn't come here because of you in the first place...but I heard that you have the same fantastic humour as David has and so decided to pop in for a short stop...but I promise I'll hiss the "Kate Hewlett" flag once I've seen McKay and Mrs. Miller....but sitting in Germany where just the first half of Atlantis' season 2 has made its way up to our free-tv screens...guess it can take a while
*dreams about moving to the US when she's older and rich*
well, where was I? Oh yes, I'll be your fan once that day comes! Big Promise!
Gotta go now and do other stuff I was never supposed to do...*waves good-bye*
Have a nice Day!
(Hab' einen schönen Tag!) =]

9:19 AM  
Anonymous geogirl said...

I just love that picture! It's adorable and funny and looks like it should be in the opening credits of a TV show. Perhaps the Canadian version of "Friends".

LOL at the chili flakes comment. I had stomach problems not to long ago and my doctor told me no alcohol, no caffine and no dairy. To which I replied "Well what's the point of living then!!!"

1:25 PM  

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