Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why I've Been Away So Long:
A Photographic Journal by Loser McToomuchtimeonherhands/

(If I had been blessed with technological prowess, I would have put each photograph above each entry. Alas, I was blessed only with child-bearing hips and the ability to whip up a damn fine peanut sauce.)

  1. I've been suffering from some sort of nasty flu which starts with a three-day fever, turns into a frustrating and ever-deepening chest cough, and culminates with relentless cravings for ketchup-flavoured rice cakes. I'm better now -- puffy from all the carbohydrates and tatooed from red dye #3 -- but better.
  2. I've been working all day every day on the rough draft of my new play and...I did it! It's finished! It's ROUGH ROUGH ROUGH and I kind of sort of hate it a little bit in places, but it has a beginning, a middle and an end. Five very talented people workshopped it for me on Sunday and now I don't want to even look at the thing for at least two months. (Hey, I just rediscovered the "make things huge" button. Nice.)
  3. I've been researching cat gymnastics.
  4. I am moving on Sunday and I've been packing. I am not a good packer. I am, in fact, the world's third-worst packer. The world's worst packer is my friend Chris H., who thinks that anything larger than a pencil doesn't need to go in a box. The #2 spot goes to my friend Cole, who tries to move dressers with the clothes still in them, and bookcases with the books still in them. (I once moved a microwave with some thai noodles still in it, though, so who am I to judge?)
  5. I've been writing music like a mad woman (like...a lot, not like...with my guitar in one hand and a dead bunny in the other.)
  6. I've been having a love affair with my new spectacles. They turn into sunglasses when it's bright outside -- the greatest invention of the 21st Century, in my humble opinion, closely followed by the Rufaroller. (Rufus+stroller=Rufaroller.)
  7. No comment. And I totally have NOT gained five pounds.
Sorry that some of you were worried about my disappearance! And thanks for all the great feedback on the Gateworld interview.

I'm going to see A. in The Graduate on Friday -- exciting! (I'm going to close my eyes during the naked parts, though. I'm not mature enough to deal with that.)

Hope everyone reading this is well and happy and not addicted to cupcakes,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rufaroller! Hahaha, good one!

If you want to continue your research into cat gymnastics, you should watch my kitten, Stupid, for a couple hours. Among other things, she likes hanging upside-down 4 metres over tile floors.

BTW, gateworld interview = great :)

5:12 PM  
Blogger Space Oddity said...

When I went to canada the whole ketchup flavored crips thing totally threw me. I kept getting weird looks while laughing in grocery stores.

Good luck with the move! And by that I mean I hope Rufus doesn't go insane. Cats are weird about moving....g

5:25 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I have got to ask - how do you get Rufus to stay in the Rufaroller? How did you create this mechanical marvel?

My partner and I were trying to picture a cat stroller *G*. If we put one of our cats in a baby stroller here the results would probably be tragic. I keep thinking that any one of our six delinquents would spend about 10 seconds looking disdainful at yet more evidence of how crazy their humans are, and then take off without leaving a forwarding address.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Rose said...

High-fives on drafting the play!! That's gotta feel good. I'm still learning how to draft and not needing everything to be perfect right off the bat.

Your cat is weird.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Elandria Lore said...

Yay, I'm so glad that you're moving forward with your play. I totally understand your not wanting to look at it now as I have the same problem when finishing a project.

And I fully agree with the beauty of transition lenses as I just got some myself. They are definitely one of the best inventions ever.

Good luck with the packing!

5:38 PM  
Blogger Becky L said...

Good to hear from you Kate.

1) Glad you are feeling better. This flu or whatever it is that has been going around has hit a lot of people pretty hard. 2) Good for you on getting the rough draft written!! Congratulations!! 3) In my view, cat's should have their own Olympics. 4) If I could come up and help you with the packing and moving, I would. I know hoe much of a pain that is. The rest) Music is very cool. Always fun. My glasses do the same as your's and I don't think I will ever go back to the other kind. Ahhh, cupcakes: so good and so evil at thesame time.

Your interview with Gateworld was great. Really enjoyed reading it. And please send our best to A. Many wishes forsuccess wth the play!

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rufaroller = ROFL!

Congrats on the play draft. Yeah, after that initial 'It's done!' euphoria, it's best to step back and take a breather.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Good luck with the move!

5:42 PM  
Blogger Misty aka s_aurius said...

Welcome Back!! I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Being sick is so not fun.
Congratulations on finishing the Rough, Rough, Rough Draft of your play. Very exciting.*does happy dance*

And no I'm not addicted to cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies on the other hand...well that's another story.

BTW-loved the interview!

5:51 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Kate! We've so very much missed you. Your interview was incredible. It was funny to hear you. Wonderful pictures!

I was blessed with html prowess and child-bearing hips. But couldn't make a peanut sauce for anything....and I can cook!!

Glad to hear you are getting better. Sounds like you had pneumonia. I have had that about 7 times.

We'd love an excerpt or two from your play if at all possible once it's not so rough! Set it aside until after the first of the year. The holidays are coming up and you can relax....with cupcakes!

Oh, I'd love to help you pack. Being military I've moved my home many times....learning well back as a kiddo. I can pack things in place you'd be suprised. Everything in one trip (maybe two)!

I have transitions glasses also. They are great. I hated changing from one pair to another....atleast one would always get lost.

Btw, hope your Thanksgiving went well. And even though I hope we get another blog post before then: Happy Halloween!


5:58 PM  
Blogger tmac72 said...

Poor Kate, being sick is the pits. I am glad to hear that you are recovering. We were starting to get worried.
I loved the interview on GateWorld.

I am trying to figure out how your cat manages to get up on those high places with no claws.

Congrats on completing the play. I know that has to make you feel better coming off of an almost 2 week long sickness.

Now all of this talk of food and cupcakes has made me hungry. Thanks for that. ;)

Happy haunting.

6:02 PM  
Blogger Linz said...

Where's the picture of the Rufaroller? I'm dying to see this thing!
I totally know what you went through, I had something very similar and still can't rid of this evil cough! The only difference is that I've been craving Mt. Dew and Rice Krispie treats.
Congrats on finishing the rough draft :D and good luck with the move! Packing = the evil!
The interview was great! I would love to interview you for SG1archive.com and get some response to David's recent comments about you ;) (Nothing bad! I swear!)
And the new glasses are totally cute!

6:04 PM  
Blogger Rike said...

Yay for completing the draft of your play. And it's certainly the time for feeling sniffly and icky all over the world, ok the northern hemisphere.

Rufus looks absolutely adorable up on that door frame. I so much want a cat, but I'm not done moving yet (I hate shopping for furniture and it will take me some more month, probably), so no cat so far.

I had transition lenses once, but they didn't turn dark enough for my tastes and they didn't turn completely clear either. This was more than 10 years ago and technology likely has changed since then. But I was so happy, when I found out, that the glass for aviator sun glasses comes for lenses, too. I heart my green shades.

*stops pointless rambling now*

6:15 PM  
Blogger vorador said...

Glad to know you're getting better, and have been doing so much. Congratulations on your finished the rough rough draft of your play, I hope you easily find a way to change those parts you hate. Good luck with the moving, and beware with people noticing your cupcake addiction. At some point they might want to get you in a cupcake addicts clinic. Something like CEA (Cupcake eaters anonymous) or just CA (Cupcakers anonymous).


6:32 PM  
Blogger crazymom said...

Glad you're better. I'd like to hear more about that peanut sauce! Darn it, now I'm craving Thai...

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate, Kate! You can't just put your dishes in a storage bin like that for moving; they'll break! You can buy either foam sheets or large sheets of newsprint (say, at Staples in the adhesives/mailing aisle) and wrap each plate. Otherwise, seriously, they break. And don't forget to put your wine glasses inside one of those boxes from the LCBO leftover from when you buy other stuff.

I feel like my mother, now I'm worrying about your dishes and I don't even know you. Ignore my lameness. Just please, wrap your dishes individually!

How is it that even super-fat cats can get up into ridiculous places? Our cat shreds the stuff under a matress and climbs up into the box springs. I didn't actually believe she could fit until she oozed out of it one day.

I hope you're feeling better!

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Kate! Lovely to hear from you again! Firstly, big WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO on the rough draft thing. Ok, so it may be rough, but you've got it. Taking a break can be healthy too, so yeah, excellent stuff!

Glad Rufus is as crazy/great as ever. Sitting all the way up there? That animal has a death wish. Ah well, he can get away with it, being as cute as he is.

The glasses are definitely cute and I agree about the photosensitive lens thing. Very cool indeed.

Oh, read the Gateworld interview and LOVED it. In fact, I loved it so much that I was forced into getting off my high horse and watching the episode, which I adored.

So, quick summary of my world view at the moment...

Kate = Awesome
Rufus = Cute
Kate + Rufus = Awesome Cuteness

7:02 PM  
Blogger Emma said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling better...less than 24 hours after posting about how healthy I was I came down with a cold, neh that's karma I guess (note to self rub more Budda bellies).

Enjoyed the GateWorld interview immensely, laughed out loud more than once.

Kudos on getting the play done and good luck with the move...would write something witty and intelligent, but it's really late and my brain has been over taxed with one whole day of lectures, I should slow down a bit!

7:14 PM  
Blogger Patricia said...

Congratulations on finishing the play draft! You deserve to celebrate with a cupcake.

7:29 PM  
Blogger LttleDvl said...

Cupcakes! How ironic, I have to make some tonight for the pot luck brunch at work tomorrow.

I have one packing tip for you; the heck with newspapers, use your linens for your breakables. They'll keep all your stuff safe, they get packed in the process & you don't have to wash black ink off of everything when you un-pack.

I've personally done this every time I've moved (which has been a lot). :-)

7:34 PM  
Blogger Vesica said...

Glad you are still about. Major congrats on having the draft done!! I know what you mean about not wanting to look at it for a good long time after having lived and breathed it for so long.

And I am deeply intrigued by this microwave you moved with thai noodles IN it. On a practical note, at least you had an unpacking snack at the ready!!

7:36 PM  
Blogger Kath in Baltimore said...

There were 2 cupcakes left in the breakroom at work yesterday and I did not eat them! Go me! I do, however, now crave peanut sauce. Thanks a bunch!

Care to share the recipe?

You should patent the Rufaroller and make a bunch of money. *nods* Congrats on finished the rough rough draft. I know what it's like to finish something like that and then never want to see it again. *g*

7:45 PM  
Blogger geekjumper said...

1) Rufaroller. Wahahahaha.
2) Your interview was excellent! Man, I would've been spouting nervous babble in your place, which reminds me of -
3) stagefright. I hear ya. I never used to have it, and then randomly had a freakout during a run of Much Ado. I'm waiting there in the wings, in an elaborate, heavy bridal gown, a grip on either side, fanning me, while I breathe into a paper bag, head between my knees, trying not to get makeup on the skirts. Good times. Nearly had a Jeffery Tennant moment, there.
4) Yay for finishing the rough draft! How very cool.
And 5) good luck with the move, Kate. Hope the next place is as entertaining for you as the loft has been. :)

8:55 PM  
Blogger celisnebula said...

I think the flu/cold crud is making rounds early this year. My kid had it last week, and unfortunately gave it to me (which makes me want to do nothing but hybernate).

Yeah on getting your rough draft done! I know it probably feels as if a weight has been lifted off your chest, though don't let it sit for too long before you start to tighten up things.

Three words: Paid, Professional Movers!

They are life savers.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate, you need a message board ;)

10:55 PM  
Blogger Bec said...

Glad you are feeling better! Great Gateworld interview!

12:09 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Having moved house many times myself, I've always found that this is a great opportunity to get rid of unnecessary shite that is weighing down my life. As you go to pack each item, ask yourself either "Do I really need this?" or "Am I ever going to use this?". If the answer is no to either one, then turf it.

It might sound silly, but you don't realise just how light and free you feel afterwards. And it's even better when you can give stuff to the Salvation Army (or equivilant.)

Plus it means that you've got less to unpack at the other end. *grins*

1:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello !

Contente d'avoir de tes nouvelles !
Bonne chance pour ton déménagement ! En général ce genre de journée sont véritablement épuisantes...

"Use my babies well": ça sonne bien ! ça donne envie de savoir ce qu'il y a dans la pièce ! D'ailleurs je me rend compte que c'est vraiment TRES difficile de mettre en place une pièce de théâtre encore plus de l'écrire...(comme je l'avais dit, je participe à l'écriture d'une pièce sur les femmes dans les années 50 et avec un style graphique "New Burlesk"...c'est tout ce que j'ai comme orientation et c'est dur d'écrire quoique se soit ! Bref après tout c'est mon problème mais si j'avais un petit peu d'aide..."Qui ne tente rien n'a rien"!... ;P)

Hope everyone reading this is well and happy and not addicted to cupcakes "Well": oui! "Happy": oui mais trop de boulot(bientôt les vacances), "not addicted to cupcakes": pas de risque y'en n'a pas dans les pâtisseries!

A bientôt,


2:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) I'm glad you feel better and you had the time to blog =)
2) Great, you've finished! I'd love to see you in theatre one day, but as I'm living in Germany I don't think that's going to work (ever)... Isn't there a way to get a written form or something?
4) LOL I hate packing... and I'm also not a good packer, so perhaps you're only the forth-worst packer, who knows ;)
5) The picture of Rufus is really cute. What kind of music are you writing? I'd love to hear you playing guitar :D
7) LOL cupcakes are great. I'm looking forward to my birthday next week, when my Mom's going to bake some ^______^

Viel Spaß noch!
Ganz liebe Grüße,

6:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY! Kate's back...if really been waiting for this moment (okay, I also did other things inbetween like going to university, buying devilish expensive concert tickets for my parents and much sleeping and eating but apart from that...)

Double YAY for the completed first triple rough draft! take a break but really don't wait too long or it might happen you never want to look at it again and that would be sad!

Packing is okay for me but on the other hand I never moved so...but what i don't like is repacking at the end of the holidays. It seems that not only do I take on weight during the holidays but also all the things I've taken with me coz they never fit into the same bag again!

Rufus is really cute but still I can't help it. My cat is even cuter (see, I'm very prejudiced!) But well...he's more on the slim side since he's got some problem with his stomach...and I think he's kind of a macho during the night on the streets coz he gots lots of scars by now (his left ear is cracked twice!) but at home is all sweet and pourring and cuddly an dnow I'll stop rambling about my cat! ; )

Rufaroller is a great invention but yes...where is the picture of that? We want to see it desperately!

Those glasses sound really cool but since I don't need glasses I stay with normal sunglasses...

Music is definitely good but what exactly are you playing? And we totally want to hear you play the guitar! Figure out a way to post sound files (or ask your brother maybe he knows...)

Cupcakes...well...uhm...it's emberassing but well: I never ate some! Just muffins but I think there's a difference there, right? So you get them in the US too? Coz I'll be flying there next year and I'll put it on my to-do list: "Eat cupcakes!"

So...that's all for now. Take good care of you and try to take things slowly so you won't get sick again! (only exception is of course blogging since that's not sooo exhausting!)
Love, Yeo

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better.

Mmm.... cupcakes!
LOL, I don't think anyone will mind if you gain five pounds or not.

Did you make the cupcake yourself?

Oh, I gotta stop talking about cupckaes or I'll want one!

Nice update, Kate!

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Gateworld interview was brill - I read it yesterday.

And I'm sorry to hear you've been suffering with a cold - am going through that myself (thought it'd gone but seems to have hidden in the cupboard under the stairs rather than been kicked out the door).

Good luck with the move, may it be stress free, and congrats on finishing the rough draft of your play. :D

Annie - doing this anonymously cause I'm having trouble logging in AGAIN!

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Paula: thanks for the info. I already thought so but it's always better to be reassured by the native inhabitants ; ) So now I definitely got to eat one once I'm over hte big sea (in the illogical hope that I won't get addicted what's more or less impossible with something sounding so delicious!)

@Kate: sorry for abusing your comments site...I hope you don't mind...but hey! It's too late anyway and I doubt you can put anyone on a black list so he ro better she can't send you a comment anymore...
: P

4:56 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

Cool pics! Sounds like you've been busy lately.
LOL, still want to see a pic of the Ruffaroller. And once again you made me hungry.
Got to go find something good to eat....

Love you lots,

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor thing! I hope you feel better soon. Stop eating those rice cakes and ketchup - you'll get a tapeworm - or is that just ketchup and macaroni-n-cheese? It's not so weird y'know - when I'm sick I just want KFC mashed potatoes and gravy. Now that will give you a tapeworm.
Great interview at Gateworld - you crack me up! I'm so glad they posted the link to this site.
Hope you feel better - and the cat cart - not that strange - I've seen weirder.
your friend,
Linda Friend :-D

P.S. My mom says to sleep propped up and drink more juice - she loved you on SGA too.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only cool (yet crazy) cat lady. Though I don't think I'd ever even buy a stroller, let alone build one. But nice job on the handy work.

Also, I'm sorry for plugging David's stuff here, but I HAVE to, or I'd be a blasphemous fan. :( But please note, the website is not my own, obviously.

7:31 PM  
Blogger Kelly Catpennies said...

your addiction to cupcakes is making my month.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Kelly Catpennies said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Q said...

Congrats on getting better! Rufaroller. That is just one reason why I read this blog while I do homwork. Endless amusement for my brain. And while I am not addicted to cupcakes, I cannot say no to chocolate or cookies for some odd reason. :)

8:51 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Ketchup flavored rice cakes? I'm trying to imagine the sales pitch for that at the company board meeting.
At least you are pre-packing. I do dumb things like wait until the night before I have to move, and realize I don't have enough boxes, or possibly any boxes.
The gateworld interview was great. I'm always amazed that the interview-ee? (Interview victim?) can come with intelligent sounding answers off the top of their head. I would sound like a babbling idiot. Though that's status quo for me anyway. :)

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do not underestimate the power of being able to make a damn fine peanut sauce!

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I just heard about your new play at Passe Muraille. Break a leg with that!

Usually I try to catch everything I can from them, but I'm living overseas. (Little bit-o-actor training in the Land of the Rising Sun. Never been hit with a fan so much in my life.)

I hope the show runs long enough for me to see it when I move back to Toronto in the summer.

I think you're a very talented woman, and I look forward to seeing it if I can. I wish you much luck with your musical too!


10:35 AM  
Blogger nikola said...

Congratulations for finishing the draft of the play! I can imagine that this was really hard work with the catched cold. Admirable!!!
I'm quite busy myself at the moment. I'm writing a dissertation to finish my study. Hopefully I'm getting it done next week.
I wish I could have this cup cake.

Also good luck with the move! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything is going smoothly.

By the way, Rufus is quite cute!

11:44 AM  
Blogger Halessa said...

I'm really excited about the picture of Rufus in the guitar case. Because my furball Paddy did something similar the last time I went to a Stargate Convention - he wanted to join me and tried to sneak into my case.
If you wanna see a picture of it, go to http://web.halessa.net/showit/bilder/blog/paddybaggage.jpg

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Halessa: your cat is also veery cute and adorable. :)
Cats are just great *lol*

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cupcakes are a way of life... I now want a cupcake. :P

9:15 PM  
Blogger Starr said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Starr said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My goodness. I just found your blog thru the gateworld interview... yeah it's been up for a little while, i've been procrastinating of course and finally read it, when i should be doing my take home test. Procrastination on top of procrastination. And I just have to say that your blog is absolutely brilliant. The complete randomness reminds me of a few of my friends.

M&MM was amazing! I've been an Atlantis fan from the first episode and was looking forward it! It was great!!

Hope you're feeling better and I can't believe I just rambled on your blog. Leaving now!


11:59 PM  
Blogger Starr said...

Am just quickly writing to apologize for the double (now triple post).

Can we chalk it up to a 'don't ask' moment, and forget about it?

Cheers :)

12:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not to addicted to cupcakes, the cupcakes are addicted to me. *g*

2:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm...always loved cats but never aloud one as my Dad and Brother are alergic:( oh well...when i leave home

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want a cupcake...

Ever since I moved to the States I've been relatively peeved that they don't get all the chip flavors here. I means seriously come on! And Crush cream soda. There's Crush, just not Crush Cream Soda..... the horror. =P

kudos to you for the rough draft! I'm terrible at writing. I should be writing a paper right now, but in the last...four hours? I think I've got three paragraphs? whoops... ^_^;;

awesome interview btw. I just caught it =P

1:44 AM  
Blogger Gebo said...

Cat gymnastics sound great! My cat indulges in the kitty olympics, of which one of the skills is mat-surfing. You get points for jumping on said mat' style of slide and the dismount. Not crashing into the door or wall will also earn extra points. Light-chasing is also a good one which I heard Rufus has also took part in. How is he doing with that??:)

6:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Going to jump on the bandwagon regarding the great interview over at GateWorld (*let me move the straw first...*)
Sorry to hear you were sick. Yea, it is going around. Pneumonia, eck! Had it numerous times, that's why I get the pneumonia shot every couple of years. Usually keeps the other flu bugs away too so... two thumbs up!
Moving, oh, girl, I soooo sympathize. We've just sold our house and are packing what was originally four households into a two bedroom apartment for a couple of years. Yea, I know, storage area. Already have plans to re-examine every box that goes into storage to see if we actually need to keep it, junk it, sell it or give it away. The stuff already given away is phenomenal. Oh, well, it's a tax writeoff.
Anyway, good luck with the move. Remember, packing material is your friend - even if it's last week's newspapers. Especially regarding glassware and ceramics.
Take care!

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello !

Nous somme Lundi par conséquent hier nous étions Dimanche...Dimanche: jour du déménagement; désormais ce n'est plus loft-in-translation mais loft-translated ! J'espère que tout s'est bien passé et que tu n'as pas trop de courbatures ;P !

Vivement le prochain post avec tout plein d'anedcotes croustillantes !


PS: Mon projet de théâtre est tombé à l'eau...snif ! La chef de projet nous laisse tomber...tant pis ! J'ai d'autres idées !

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa, how does Rufus get up there?!

8:21 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...


come to Portland, you know you want to...

12:52 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...


12:53 AM  
Blogger Neep said...

Hmmm... I think you have inspired a lot of cupcake eaterage.

If you added up all the weight gained from all over the world because of the Kate inspired cupcake eating, I wonder how much it would weigh?

I bet we could atleast get a whole new person out of this.

9:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everybody. It's my the first message. I understand you speak french so...

Et oui encore une française et encore une fan de David (ma pauvre il y en a partout je sais! et je fais partie des plus acros)
J'ai découvert votre blog en lisant l'interview de GateWorld et il est génial.

Interdiction de café, c'est rude, je compatie!
Je trouve votre chat très mignon et très amusant.
J'ai crue comprendre que les filles de la FFFDH vous avez trouver un conseil, fuillez! Elles sont folles! (ne m'en veux pas VLU, mais c'est vraie!). De toute façon les fans de David sont tous un peut cinglés (j'avoue que moi aussi).

J'ai vue des extraits de McKay et Mrs Miller, qui malheuresement ne sera pas diffusé avant au moins février en France (et comme je ne peux voir les épisodes qu'en DVDs ça veux dire pas avant Aout 2007 au mieux, sniff). Les trois courts extraits étaient vraiment super et je trouve que vous jouer très bien!
Cette épisode à l'air d'être vraiment interresent, j'ai hate de le voir!

So good luck for your play and everyting else.

6:20 AM  
Blogger Cassandra said...

Congrats on the draft!

It's inspiring to see someone who, like me, embraces her procrastinating tendencies produce things - will try to take a page from you and do some application writing.

I suppose cupcakes are the first step?

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First time writing here. I couldn't help, since i KNOW what you're going through with the move. I already have moved 5 times in the past 7 years hehe yeah, university, in another city, not living in the dormitories... sometimes it sucks, like when i need to move =P

And i know it'll sound cheesy, but girl, i loved the sga episode you did =)
i wish i could see more of your work, but i think it's kinda hard around here (for here i mean Brazil)

Well, good luck on the move, and the play and the cat gymnastics (i have a dog, althought he thinks he's a cat =P) and everything else you decide to do.
oh, btw, you can think as the boxes for the move as black holes: as more things you put inside them, the bigger the gravity, more space inside them you have. it worked for me haha

bye o/
*PS: sorry about the blog in portuguese, in case you're going to visit >_<

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, also! If you need to put photos in the middle of your entry, just do

[img src="http://www.whatever.com/image.jpg"] but replace the []'s with > arrows (open and close).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

J'y pense...sagittaire dragon...ça veut dire que cette personne est née en Octobre...nous sommes au mois de Novembre...sachant que le dernier post remonte au 24 Octobre, et qu'il n'est pas mention du moindre anniversaire, j'en déduit qu'il est passé...

DONC: Bon anniversaire, Happy Birthday avec quelques jours de retard !!!
Plein de succès aussi bien professionnel que privé! :D

Et...si je me suis trompée honte à moi ! Mais heureusement le ridicule ne tue pas, autrement ça fait longtemps que j'aurais été foudroyée sur place ! :D


8:04 AM  

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