Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 13 /

I got the giggles while eating breakfast this morning (an All Bran bar -- surprisingly delicious) because I realized that I blogged about sitting on the camera and then never posted again! You probably all think that I've been in bum surgery ever since. Not so. I just got busy. (Not like "got busy". Just like "became busy". I don't want to start any false rumors here.)

So, we have three days left on The Last New Year and then we are FINITO. Phil finished on Friday and left for some sun-soaked adventure (jerk), but the rest of us are still going strong. Today, I get to have a big argument with Mayko (not in real life -- she's waaaay too nice for that), see Andrew shirtless, play with an ice pick and hopefully not sit on any expensive camera equipment.

These twelve to thirteen hour days are killin' me! (And making me drop my g's, apparently.) But it sure has been (and continues to be) a wonderful adventure.

p.s. Mike, if you're reading this: GET BACK TO WORK, LAZYPANTS!


Anonymous Stace said...

Don't drop the ice pick on the camera.

Jus' sayin'...

12:30 PM  
Blogger Masterchica said...

Poor poor camera *sigh* Art must suffer for the sake of the artist.

"If cats could talk, they wouldn't." ~Nan Porter

1:26 PM  
Blogger PLoker said...

So no bum surgery... That's good. Was worried that you might have done some irrversible damage to you gutomus maximus.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Becky S said...

AH, you got me giggling a bit at the idea of bum surgery. Not so much the idea of surgery, as explaining to a doctor the need for surgery. (I must be more tired than I thought)

Good luck today. Be careful with the ice pick, especially during those long days of work. Have fun! Stay warm!

2:29 PM  
Blogger Fran said...

Kate you crack me up. Ummm Ice Pick? What are you up to now?

Every time you post new news from the "Set" I am getting more curiouser.

Have fun.



3:36 PM  
Blogger Brian Schwartz said...

Wow, 3 days left. What will you do when it's all over? I'm glad to hear that this has been such a wonderful experience for you. Don't have TOO much fun with that ice pick :P

4:30 PM  
Blogger ames said...

Don't sit on the ice pick. I mean, for most people that would be unnecessary advice, but you sat on a camera, so. . . remember that ice picks should remain bum-avoidant.

5:04 PM  
Blogger Emma said...

ice picks? arguments? shirtless men?....sounds like a very curious/intriging/odd/fab (delete as applicable)film.

5:08 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

While I was growing a bit concerned about the safety of your bum and said camera, I'm actually more disappointed.

Because hello? Cute actor without a shirt on and no pictures?!


6:35 AM  
Anonymous Padawan Aneiki said...

LOL Goodness...The Adventures Of...

Sounds like you're enjoying things, though, so that's good. :)

9:50 AM  
Blogger Robyn said...

Your life seems so amusing. I envy you that.

And add me to the list of people making sure to mention that you be careful with the ice pick. Dropping it on things and sitting on it? Both terrible events.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Little McKay said...

Sorry, but when did filming get THAT much fun?? Where's all the prima donnas? The constant bitching? The strenuous, hard and exhausting - yet also insanely boring - stuff the "big shots" complain about? lol

Sounds a blast; keep on having fun! That should always be the goal :)

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad it's such fun! But yeah, set days are killer!

I've spent much more time on Broadway than in film or theatre -- it's more my thing. Eight shows a week, but love having to be on my game all the time.

11:51 AM  
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