Sunday, October 18, 2009

Start spreading the shoes...or booze...depending on which one you prefer as a title /

Another Sunday, another blog entry. (See? When I make rules for myself, I stick to them. Sometimes. Unless they relate to chocolate. Or spending less money. Or moisturizing more often.)

I am on an airplane on my way home from New York City, where I intended to take a vacation, but where I actually spent the full two days trying to figure out the subway system. I missed seeing a reportedly fabulous musical because I waited patiently for over an hour for the express train…which doesn’t run on weekends. But, I mean, how the heck was I supposed to know that? I’m a tourist, not a psychic. Sure, there was a massive sign on every single column that said, “THE EXPRESS TRAIN DOES NOT RUN ON WEEKENDS. I REPEAT: THE EXPRESS TRAIN DOES NOT RUN ON WEEKENDS. ATTENTION: KATE HEWLETT. NO EXPRESS TRAIN ON WEEKENDS. YES, I'M TALKING TO YOU, DUM-DUM.” But how was I to know?

To be honest, the actual reason why I waited so long and missed the musical was that I was so engrossed in my book, I didn’t notice the absence of the train. What was this magical and all-consuming book, you may ask? Well, imaginary friend who asks all the right questions, the book is called “The Book Thief” and it is now officially in my top five books of all time. It is wonderful. (Damn sad because it takes place in Munich during WWII, but wonderful.) It’s one of those “maybe don’t read this in public” books, though, because on every other page I found myself welling up. In New York, I’m now known as the crazy random crying lady who waits for non-trains for over an hour.

I had yet another subway mishap last night, when I got on the Q train instead of the Some Other Letter I Can’t Remember Right Now train and ended up in Brooklyn thirty six blocks away from where I was staying. And it was 1:30 in the morning. I am awesome. I walked the whole way, though, so I got some terror-filled exercise.

The good parts of the weekend:

-the Bridge Theatre Company’s season launch party (and no, curious imaginary friend, I didn’t drink booze. Thanks for asking. I’m at day 22 of 28 days on the wagon! Maybe the longest I’ve ever gone…since high school)
-hanging out with Martin Gero (twice! That guy just keeps following me around. Buying me dinner, finding time in his busy schedule to see readings of my plays, introducing me to Bill Nye the Science Guy – so frustrating)
-MEETING BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY (who is very funny and charming, by the way)
-spending time with one of my oldest friends (with whom, coincidentally, I always used to get in trouble in Science class. I guess that’s why I’m an actor, not a successful physicist with my own show. Yeah, let’s blame her for that. Dana, it's your fault that "Kate Schmate the Science Date" isn't sweeping the nation.
-buying some fantabulous Steve Madden boots (story to follow)
-working with a great new bunch of people on the Swearing Jar script.

The boot story: my friend and I went shopping. I spotted, flirted with, fell in love with and then acquired a pair of grey awesomeboots. As I was walking out of the store already sporting said awesomeboots, I noticed that one of my feet was considerably larger than the other one. Being a woman and a Canadian, I blamed myself. “My feet must be two different sizes," I said, "and I've just never noticed it before. Oh well." My friend, also a woman and a Canadian, but with bigger cahones, suggested that I check the bottom of the boots. One was a size larger than the other one. My feet are fine. Not gorgeous, but fine. I exchanged awesomeboot #2 for awesomeboot #3 and now all is well.

Oh! We are about to land in Toronto.

Now I get to see my cats.

Have a great week…

p.s. Those aren't my boots in the picture. I just thought it might be nice to include a picture. Of boots.


Anonymous Emma said...

Lol, awesomeboots.

I'm sure it's a real hardship spending time with Gero ;)

And I have such a girlcrush on you, it gets worse for every blog post you make. Just thought I'd let you know.

12:24 PM  
Blogger CatieB said...

But which awesomeboots DID you get? I'm far too curious...(and obviously procrastinating...)

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm quite envious of your time in NYC. Especially hanging out with Martin Gero. Sounds like it was an awesome time!

So glad to see you blogging, Kate! :D

3:07 PM  
Blogger Meshu said...

I LOVE The Book Theif! I recommend it to everyone. I'm also in NY at the moment and the subway confuses me, we don't have them back home on Australia. Love reading your blog, Kate and am so happy with the updates!

3:29 PM  
Blogger Misty aka s_aurius said...

:) lol sounds like me when I'm reading. My husband hates it because I don't hear anything going on around me when I'm really into a book.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Ricardo Gil said...

Lol Kate!

I understand pretty must how that situation it books works out! I missed classes, on purpose! Just because i was seeing the book!
Hup Seeing! Not Reading!
Thats happens to me when i get a good book!
Every word is a scene! I became able to see, fell, smell and sometimes, even taste, what is happening! We lose the conscience of what is surrounding us.

Geez! Boots? Really? Womans! I really have a hard time getting that fascination for fashion in womans and some mens too! But who am i to speak about it! A female friend of mine once told me that was because my female side or was dorment or just dead! Not really m fault in that case!

Walking in NY on night alone really should be something scary! You must have felted like the girl in the terror movie that knows that is being follow by something is going to catch her! And do nasty things to her (Torture,use your imagination) :)

I wonder why you just post in sunday! Why just not blog every time you fell like to do that so?
I am working in my SGA Fiction chapter( something i decided to do while hoping! Really Hoping for the return of my inspiration to keep writing my book! You know how it is! 10% inspiration 90% pure hard work!) Then i am going to post it there in Portuguese and English for people to read it. And hopefully other young writers are going to ask me to do the same! that´s my objective!
You see in Algarve, the south region of Portugal, is a nice place to rest from work and so! But for young people like me! 21 years old! there isn't to much that i can do in free time!

4:22 PM  
Blogger Brian Schwartz said...

Hey, Kate! Hope you had fun in NYC despite the wacky subway system...took me a few days to get used to, but then it's just like riding a bike.

I would have loved to come see you and everyone else's performances (almost two years since the awesome time I had at Humans Anonymous), but I had to take the CST test at 8am so no late nights for me.

How was the whole evening? What did you perform?

Sounds like you had fun! Very cool that you got to meet Bill Nye – maybe next time you can go shoe shopping with him and he'll show you the most scientifically dynamic shoes...or something.

Hope you come back to NYC soon!

6:36 PM  
Blogger vorador said...

Looks like you had a great time in NYC! :p

And thanks for the book suggestion, I think I'll check it out :)

7:08 PM  
Blogger Kait said...

Oh, The Book Thief is just beautiful, isn't it? It was one of the major things that inspired the project I'm working on right now.

Also, people who can't navigate the subway system in the city always kind of amuse me. I mean know offense! And I had some trouble adjusting to Atlanta's MARTA when I was down there! But, really, I swear, it's not hard!

Sorry I missed you while you were in town!

7:52 PM  
Blogger Small Infinities said...

I've added that book to my "to-read" list on Have you tried that website? It's great if you want to make fun of your friends when they rate really ridiculous books. Not that I'd do that.

Woo boots! I just bought silly but awesome ones. You should post a picture of the ones you actually got!

Yay meeting Bill Nye! He's a nice guy. :)

3:14 AM  
Anonymous Ricardo Gil said...

Just 10 comments guys? Please! You can do better than that!
Ask more things!
Like Katie did you saw Nathan Fillion? He is at NY!

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Mikeachim said...

I felt similarly about The Book Thief. I was obsessed while reading it. It drew me in, like the forgiving, gnarly arms of Death.

Also, after reading it, I started using Death metaphors a lot more than normal (see above). Slightly worrying. But since TBT's version of Death isn't a scary one, maybe that's not a bad thing.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

This is not realy about this blog....It should be but I get distracted like a 5 year old by things that are shiny!

It is about something I read further down and I fear for you if you have already tried it.

A few weeks back I tried non-alcoholic wine and it was like drinking cough syrup! DONT DO IT TO YOURSELF!

Of course that could be because we paid about £2 for it but I swear if I threw it at the wall it would have stripped the paint off it.

Now if I comment in regards to something in this blog then perhaps I wont get shouted at emmmmm.....

When I make rules for myself I always trick one of my friends into saying something like 'Oh but rules are meant to be broken' and then I run to to chocolate based products aisle at the nearest supermarket ;) That way I can blame them!

*hugs* from Scotland!

2:36 PM  
Blogger Silvius said...

Jennifer i really understand that feeling! We know its not good for and perhaps we will pay a high price! but still we go forth! Temptation is just to hight!
In my case is not chocolate! Is sex! I tried to resist! but every time i say : " I will pass a entire year whitout sex" two day later i found my self in a bed it someone i barely know!
By the way! It´s not because i am man! This also happens to womans!
The problem is resisting to temptation!

Oks! Now that i think about it! We really are not talking to much about the blog indeed.


3:47 PM  
Blogger KathM said...

The Book Thief is wonderful, I agree. What musical did you miss? I saw a lot of theater in NYC last weekend but alas, not your show. I did get to see Eddie Izzard, however.

3:01 PM  
Blogger Silvius said...

Do you guys know why i don't care about the end of the world?
Because right now i am leaving on it right now! It´s hard to reach a place where we already are in!
Dammed this economic crisis! I will have to work too hard to have make the actor class! that finally is here where i live!
Any is having issues because of this crisis too?
I mean by not allowing to study like you normally would!

4:21 PM  
Blogger Silvius said...

It´s of me! Or every time you guys ( i mean general english, american and canada) ear the word Portugal! You always remember Cristiano ronaldo?!
For god sake! We do have other mundial celebrities! And less gays than him! Do you know?

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Ricardo Gil/Silvius(we are one!) said...

oks! Girls! since i am the only guy commenting to kate blog! WE have 18 comments!(It this one) Lets help Kate self-worth by trying to get a total of 30 or more comments before Sunday! Maybe then she will actually post more times! Let´s give it a try! Come on Girls! Know you can do it! I Believe in you all! And remember! Smart comments are essential! Unlike mines! :) Try to support the cause! Lets make a better world! By commenting to Kate!

:) I am just trying to be fun!(Can blame a man for trying!)

8:00 PM  
Blogger Silvius said...

nothing this week kate?

5:44 PM  
Blogger Small Infinities said...

Hey Silvius, she still has a few hours! Then we can start the "but we're your biggest fans and we're waaaaaaaaaiting" outcry. :P

6:00 PM  
Blogger JKL said...

So much for blogging on sundays haha......twas shortlived but nonetheless appreciated

2:34 AM  
Anonymous Steph said...

I just wanted to say you're one of the most entertaining bloggers like ever. YAY for awesome boots and hanging in New York! I totally would've missed the sign in favor of a book, too. Actually, I would've missed it regardless of the presence of a book. Totally taking the book recommendation!

3:12 AM  
Blogger Silvius said...

Can we start the crying now guys?
I am the only male fan of Kate hewlett here? omgd

11:18 AM  
Blogger Small Infinities said...

I think it's time. Silvius you can cry. I'll be pouting over here. *pouts*

2:31 PM  
Blogger Silvius said...

snif! Oks i will! Kate Came on dont leave us! Snif we cannot live without you! Please Return! Snif!
Look! You made me cry like a baby!(oks! i am just watching A dogs breakfast! But still i am crying!)

2:53 PM  
Blogger Small Infinities said...

Ha Silvius! I can't believe that didn't work!

11:41 PM  
Blogger Cyn said...

Hi Kate! Catching up on your blog :) Look forward to reading more!

Apparently we were both visiting NYC and struggling with the metro system that weekend! I was heading home from Big Apple Con and spent 2 hours LOST because of track maintenance that had very poor signage notifying us. Nightmare.

1:02 AM  
Blogger Debbie C said...

Walking in NY at night. Haven't you seen Treed Murray??? You should know better (lol). I wish I could see your plays as your blogs are just hilarious. You are a great writer. Thanks for sharing.

3:52 PM  

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