Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Cool Dude Goes Out On His Own /

So...Steven Page has left the Barenaked Ladies after twenty odd years and is now focusing on his solo career. Here is a link to his facebook fan page if you want updates on concerts, media bookings, etc.:

I have seen him perform live as a solo artist and he is WONDERFUL. He's also a really lovely and funny person, which gets him bonus marks in my book (not that I have a 'book'. I have a MacBook -- does that count?)

Also...thanks so much for all the responses to my last post. Now I have no excuse! Let the writing BEGIN!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

La la la la writing a musical la la la /

Heeeeelp! I am at a coffee shop "writing", which actually involves drinking faaaaar too much coffee, stalking people on facebook, stalking people on Twitter, switching tables every thirteen minutes to see if it the new scenery will inspire me, checking my email, checking my email, checking my email, noticing that the artwork here is really freakin' creepy, checking my email and ordering another coffee.

If anyone is reading this, I am in need of inspiration. So I'm turning to you! Can you post a comment that includes:

1) A first name for a guy
2) A first name for a girl
3) A location
4) An adjective
5) A pet peeve
6) The title of the best play or movie you've ever seen

This is obviously just for fun, but you never know what will spark an idea for a scene...


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hi there... /

Well, I had decided to update my blog with talk of peanut butter and roast wheat sandwiches (I've temporarily gone vegan), then I saw the comment about how I only update when I'm trying to promote something. So now I guess I'd better promote something, or I'll be proving that awesome dude/dudette wrong.

Um...I'm writing to promote Yeah. My cat. He has just recorded an album about a movie he wrote starring him and my other cat, Martha. It's called "Self-Promotion: The Movie Musical About Me". Hope you enjoy it.

I'm also writing to promote my new roll. I stopped working out a few months ago and I just noticed that I now have four hips instead of two. So that's exciting. My new roll will no doubt be expanding until the summer, when I can start running again.

Also...I'd like to promote my new house. I moved (YES. AGAIN. I HAVE A PROBLEM. I KNOW) in the middle of December and I have a proper home now, with one roommate, two cats, a real live staircase...and a dishwasher.

Most of all, I would like to promote self-promotion. 'Cause hey -- it's important.

Hope you are all well and WARM. It's freakin' cold in Toronto.