Friday, February 15, 2008

All Done! /

So...The Last New Year is done. Well, for me it is. For the director, much of the work has just begun, but for me...vacation time! I really, really, really, really, really want to go somewhere hot and sunny and write my face off (not literally. Faces are important.) Unfortunately, I am broke (yet again) and I don't really tan anyway (scottish/irish/english heritage) and I probably wouldn't get any work done if I DID go, because I'd just drink seventeen pina coladas a day, sleep it off, then go back for more. So I'm thinking of doing a vacation-at-home type of deal. You know, booking a massage, exercising (remember exercise?), eating chocolate, taking myself out for dinner, seeing movies, getting a haircut, buying a lint roller, taking long baths with bottles of beer/wine (not mixed together), getting my eyebrows waxed (not off. Just thinned. I'm going to have to buy mine collars if I don't do something about them soon), write a musical, write a short film, hang out with my friends (some of them NEW friends -- I love clicking with new cool people. eg. Mayko from the movie), going for brunches, giving up Red Bull, buying some new boots, spending quality time with Rufus and Martha (my cats -- not my eyebrows) and catching up on some family/friend/business emails.
Sounds fun, huh? (And significantly less expensive than going to Puerto Plata. Depending on which boots I buy.)
I have a big musical theatre audition on Sunday which is FREAKING ME OUT because I haven't sung Andrew Lloyd Webber-esque songs in a LOOOONNNNNG TIIIIIIMMMMME. My only goal is to get through it without crying, coughing up a hairball or shattering any windows.
After that, a big Stratford audition to prep for.
Then...the non-vacationy vacation begins...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 13 /

I got the giggles while eating breakfast this morning (an All Bran bar -- surprisingly delicious) because I realized that I blogged about sitting on the camera and then never posted again! You probably all think that I've been in bum surgery ever since. Not so. I just got busy. (Not like "got busy". Just like "became busy". I don't want to start any false rumors here.)

So, we have three days left on The Last New Year and then we are FINITO. Phil finished on Friday and left for some sun-soaked adventure (jerk), but the rest of us are still going strong. Today, I get to have a big argument with Mayko (not in real life -- she's waaaay too nice for that), see Andrew shirtless, play with an ice pick and hopefully not sit on any expensive camera equipment.

These twelve to thirteen hour days are killin' me! (And making me drop my g's, apparently.) But it sure has been (and continues to be) a wonderful adventure.

p.s. Mike, if you're reading this: GET BACK TO WORK, LAZYPANTS!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Day Eight /

Today, I sat on the camera.

It was an accident.

I also broke my zipper, got the giggles, needed seven tries to get a match lit, had a crying scene, and patted a partially naked lady on the shoulder.

That's all you get.