Sunday, May 27, 2012

Loft in Translation: The Series /

Let’s face it:  life is tough for women in their twenties.

Sure, okay, their thighs still look like thighs, not cottage cheese trapped in sausage casing.  And fine, yes, the world is their oyster, not a discarded shrimp trampled underfoot at Loblaws.  They still get noticed by construction workers, they occasionally get carded at the liquor store, and men date them for their looks and personality, not for the width of their hips and their ability to rear children.

But they’re lost.   They’re broke.  They’re not sure whether to get a second degree, or pawn their first one for weed.  If they have boyfriends, they’re trying to figure out if he’s the one.  If they’re single,  they’re trolling eHarmony for men who know there’s an alternate spelling of “your”.  (Two, in fact.)  All they need is a place to call home… and they really can’t afford one.

Zarrin, Jen &  Amélie have been buddies since their first year at McGill.  They’ve studied together, partied together, and been charged for aggravated assault together.  (It was a misunderstanding.  Story for another time.)  But since school, they’ve taken very different paths.  Zarrin teaches Bikram by day and preps for her wedding (to fiancé Chris) by night.  Amélie has a blossoming career, tutoring over-privileged teens with underdeveloped French skills.  She’s also in her first-ever long-term relationship (with Maxim.  He’s French, too.)  Jen is a… uh, Jen focuses mostly on... Jen likes to cook.  Well, microwave.   And she’s got a really cute bulldog.

When Zarrin’s parents decide to invest in a swanky Toronto loft, they suggest that she and Chris rent it from them.  The location is perfect (Regent Par—ahem, Lower Cabbagetown).  The loft is enormous (three bedrooms… or two, depending on your definition of “partition”).  And the rent is… high.  HIGH.  Wow, Zarrin’s parents are jerks.  The only logical solution is for the couples (and Jen) to move in together.  But when two couples with raging libidos (and Jen) shack up together, the results are anything but stable.  Loft in Translation is a sexy, biting comedy about couples living together…together.

With Jen.  Because someone has to rent the cheap room.

A new comedy by Kate Hewlett, who is not at all in her twenties but still remembers them.  Except for the tequila parts.

Follow Jen (@getloft) on twitter.  She's not real, but she's highly addictive.


Anonymous Linus said...

Because of you I looked up libido -- that's how flexible I am...suck it.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
as anticipated I've spent most of the afternoon reading ALL previous posts in this blog. I was tempted to comment on some of them (like your interest in languages - I LOVE languages and have learned and forgotten plenty of them, or your fake heart attack in Italy - I've had that too two years ago) but found it ridiculous (with them being so old and stuff).

Sooo, I hope you'll update more frequently now than in the previous years so maybe I can comment on some of the upcoming posts.

Tutaonana! (that's Swahili and the Google translation is complete crap, so you'd better use if you want to understand it)

Grüße aus Deutschland!
Dani (luna81de on twitter)

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Jennifer Tal:

FYI ~ The spelling of translation in the link on your Twitter header is spelled incorrectly.


Joe Reilly
(Twitter Withheld For Legal Purposes & I Don't Have One)

(Linus, you crack me up. :D)

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Dan C. Rinnert said...

So, I updated the list of blogs I link to and see what's going on here. Is this an example of repurposing an older blog (and its URL) with a new purpose? If so, good work. Recycling is good, sometimes.

8:45 PM  
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