Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Swearing Jar/

Well, it's been...oh...two and a half months since my last post. My time away from you lovely people has included:


A visit to Vancouver, my brother officially becoming OLD, a bad haircut, a new pair of pants (they're not easy to come by), trying to embrace singledom and failing miserably, copious amounts of sushi, meeting and working with the lovely and talented Jewel Staite and Robert Picardo, driving a golf cart for the first time (NOT over Joseph Mallozzi, despite rumours to the contrary!), a bladder infection (no, no, not ME -- my cat. It was expensive. I'm considering euthanasia...not really), exploring my new neighbourhood, a successful cleanse/ detox/ de-chocolafication, writing a brand new short film script called "By Any Other Name", a growing addiction to Dancing With the Stars, attending a dance recital that my twin four-year-old nieces were in (cutest thing I've ever seen), a horrifying audition in front of Ben Elton (who was hilarious and kind, but whose ears may never recover from my glass-shattering high E), a new short play I wrote for UnSpun Theatre's fundraiser, a pair of busted kneecaps (from running, not from an encounter with the mob), a book launch for Jacob McArthur Mooney's first book of poems, an absolute obsession with the new MacBook Air (it's so tiny. I want to eat in in a sandwich), neglecting to pay my student loans, neglecting to do my taxes (I'm working on it), getting a spot in the Toronto Fringe Festival (yaaaaaaay), casting said Fringe show, discovering my new favorite brunch restaurant (Insomnia on Bloor Street), falling even more in love with Amy Adams, discovering Luke Doucet two years after everyone else did, getting a joe job that I actually LIKE...and...last but not least...buying a cool new raincoat.


Now that THAT'S out of the way...

Here is a little blurb about the play I am currently writing for the Toronto Fringe Festival. I hope you will all come out and see it!


by Kate Hewlett

directed by Geoffrey Pounsett

starring: Deborah Grover, Andrew Pifko, Janet Porter and Christopher Stanton

"You are the love of my life, you asshole.”

Simon and Carey are the perfect couple. But when Carey performs at Simon’s fortieth birthday celebration, she is forced to come to terms with the greatest lie her husband ever told. From the writer of Humans Anonymous and the director of A Quiet Place comes a bittersweet comedy about marriage, music, migraines…and swearing.

Acclaim for 6AM Tango’s last show:

Five stars! Great pacing, engaging comic performances and a generous sprinkling of laugh-out-loud lines…” – Eye Weekly
“Best of the Fringe”, “Best Ensemble” – NOW Magazine
“Sharp, funny and heartbreaking” – Online review
“Critics’ Pick” – Backstage Magazine, New York City

More info to come...

p.s. The fantabulous jar drawing is by Peter Mooney, the multitalented actor/artist/demo-reel-maker/screenwriter/dvd stealer/old dog adopter.