Thursday, March 01, 2007

Shameless, I know/

This is a very quick post with the sole purpose of telling you about Noble Parasites, the show I will be doing in April at Theatre Passe Muraille in Toronto. "M" is the playwright (and he's incredibly talented) and the cast includes myself, Julian Richings and Amy Rutherford. It's funny, disturbing, dark, intelligent...and sci fi! So if you can, please come and see it.

The play opens on April 10 and runs until the 29th, but there are some previews (from Apr. 5-8) which may be cheaper. They may also be...well...worse, so I'd prefer if you'd come on or after the 10th to see the show when it is really ready for an audience! But if you're only free from April 5 - 8 and then you're going to Alaska for four months or something, see one of the previews.

Please click on the first link over there ------->
(I just love making arrows...wheeee!)

to check out Theatre Passe Muraille's website. And just as a heads up: the play is not in French. That's just the name of the theatre. It means "Theatre Beyond Walls" but...uh...that's a metaphor because it definitely has walls. Nice brick ones. Ceiling, too. And floors. And a BAR! Yahoooo!

Please buy tickets if you're interested in seeing the show.


(I'm in Vancouver again, by the way -- for absolutely no reason other than I really, really like it here and I have a credit card which makes it dangerously easy to buy plane tickets.)