Monday, January 15, 2007

Worst Blogger EVER/

Well...I am deeply ashamed. Deeply, deeply ashamed. Deeply. It's been over a month since I last posted. It's not that I don't feel guilt. It's not that I don't hate myself when I fall asleep at night. It's not that I don't not use too many un-negatives on a not irregular non-basis. It's just that I've been doing a lot of present-buying, traveling, booze-consuming, watching two and a half seasons of the best show on television (Veronica Mars -- holy crap) and giving things up then reincorporating them into my diet then giving them up again. Ah, 2007.

First I apologized for not posting in so long. Now, I'm going to follow up that apology with another apology: this is going to be a very short post. Here are my reasons/excuses: 1) I am in Vancouver right now and I am flying home early tomorrow morning. (Okay, fine, 11AM is not that early, but I've got jet lag. Wait...11 AM in Vancouver means 2PM in Toronto. Excuse #1 officially sucks.) I've been here in the snowed-over version of Vancouver for five days, mainly because there was a Dog's Breakfast photo shoot today and I was required to attend and pose. ("An A Dog's Breakfast Photo shoot?" "A A Dog's Breakfast Photo Shoot"? Nothing looks right. I HATE ARTICLES. And grammar. And pickled ginger, but that's unrelated.) I also got to dogsit and officially bond with my brother David's dog Mars. Cutest dog EVER. Well worth the five hour flight.

2) My second long-winded excuse for a short post is that I have to go online and find someone to take my apartment. Soon. That's right -- my NEW apartment with the DJ neighbour on the West side and the shoot-em-up video game junkie who cheers when he pops someone on the East side. I HAVE to move. I HAVE to break my lease. I HAVE to. There are many people who could handle living where I live: other DJs, other video game addicts, Buddhists, etc. but I may become insane if I don't. Or sane, I guess. That could be cool. Maybe I should stay...

3) My third excuse for a short post is that I can't decide if I have too little to report or too much to report, so I'm not reporting anything at all. I can't decide if I'm overwhelmed by news, or underwhelmed by how little has happened in 30 days.

So instead of posting properly or fixing the rough draft of my new play (my NEW new play), I'm instead going to drink champagne with David and Jane until I fall asleep! Healthy, I know.

But I gave up beer! It's been three weeks. Nice.