Monday, February 01, 2010

Give me an ass: "Ass!" Give me another ass: "Ass!" What does it spell? Ass ass... ins. Assassins. Wow, I need more sleep. /

I'm sitting in the Evil Empire (Starbucks) drinking a grande soy unsweetened green tea latte (when did I turn into that person) and realizing that I finally have time to blog. Yaaaahooo!

So, I spent the last two weeks in Barrie, Ontario doing the first run of Assassins and all I have to say is this: Barrie is nice. If you can avoid the Hooters. And the weirdo five-way intersection where the green lights don't correspond with the walk signs. But the waterfront is beautiful (I love the sculpture there, for some reason. Welcoming and protective at the same time. Like a good pet.)

Here's a picture, for the two people who care:

Anyway... yeah, Barrie's not so bad. The show was well received and except for the odd candy-wrapper-krinkler, the audiences were great. We open in Toronto on Thursday at the Theatre Centre. To buy tickets, you can go here:

I'm loving links today, for some reason. Links links links. La la la. La la la links.

Sorry. Too much green tea. (I'm off coffee! It's been five weeks!)

I am really really proud of Assassins. Please come and see it if you can. The performances by the other actors blow my mind every single night. The amount of talent (and hotness, on an unrelated note) in this cast is extraordinary. Plus, the show itself is a brilliant piece of work: dark, funny, moving, thought-provoking... and short! An hour and forty five minutes! Of music and stuff.

More later...