Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Last-Minute Quickie (blog entry, that is...) /

So...back in January 2008 when I actually used to do this thing called "blogging", I diligently followed each shooting day of a little movie called The Last New Year. And now it's having its Toronto premiere! The first screening is tonight at 7pm at the Royal (608 College St., near Clinton) and the cast and crew will be on hand afterwards for a talkback Q&A thingy. (I hope no one asks me anything. I have a terrible memory. For example, I forgot -- yet again -- that I had a blog.) Some of us will also be around for the screenings tomorrow night and Tuesday night at 7pm. I'll definitely be there tonight and tomorrow night.

I haven't had a coffee yet today (or even a piece of soy bacon), so I think it's very likely that I'm making this sound more complicated than it really is.

Here's a facebook link to help you get tickets:

If you check the Loft in Translation archives from January 2008, you might get even more of a kick out of seeing the film, as there are some behind the scenes stories.

I have never seen this movie (never ever!), so I'm super nervous as always, but the director Garfield Lindsay Miller is incredibly talented and the cast and crew rocked (to bring back a term from the nineties) so I can't wait to finally see it...

Hope to see some of your friendly faces there. Leave your angry faces at home. And your drunk faces. Well, save those for after the movie.