Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lions and Dry Bars and Beers, OH MY! /

So...I went to Las Vegas last week, which I think justifies an all-green blog entry (you know, to symbolize all the money I won. Ahem. AHEM! Cccccough. Excuse me. I just got something stuck in my throat there for a second. Maybe a candy. Or a BIG FAT LIE...or something.)
This is going to be quick, because I have an audition tomorrow morning and I should be working right now. Or sleeping. But definitely not blogging.

So...yeah. VEGAS! It was my second time going there and I absolutely loved it. There is no better place to completely let loose and enjoy yourself and laugh your head off...and play penny slots. I have (well, had) one hundred dollars in the world, so the penny slots were my only hope. And I actually won a hundred dollars! I doubled my bank account balance. How d'you like THOSE odds, suckahs?

Anyway...what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (unless it's a head cold or a bottle of Scotch you purchased at the Duty Free) but what I will say is this: I haven't felt this relaxed or cheery in a very long time. I met a bunch of really fantastic new people, got to know some of my friends a little better, chatted with some scantily clad but stereotype-shattering women, discovered the joys of vodka, re-discovered the joys of Corona, bought a five-dollar coffee (and it wasn't even a latte -- MAN, that place is expensive), had the best meal of my life at a restaurant called "Stack", saw the MGM lions up close and personal, thought how much they resembled Rufus, missed Rufus, bet on horses (little tiny plastic horses with little plastic 1970s jockeys on them), strolled in the sun and thought how nice it must be to live in a place where you don't have to put on seventeen layers of clothing before you go outside, danced a LITTLE bit -- I'm shy about dancing, stayed at my favorite hotel, saw the lions again (loved those lions -- are they happy in there, though? The foliage is made of styrofoam...), lay in the sun (in jeans, but still), tossed veganism aside with a vengeance (eggs are delicious), read some scripts, drank far too much sugar-free Red Bull (I know, I know), and stayed up until sunrise. Repeatedly.
That was actually quite a thorough report, wasn't it? Well, the DETAILS stay in Vegas...

Hope you are all well and happy.

I am loving my new home, loving my new roommate and loving the fact that Spring is on its way.

I am also officially obsessed with Twitter. It's a problem.