Thursday, January 22, 2009

The First Song on my New EP! /

So...twenty five lovely and supportive and German people at the convention in Bad Salzdetfurth kindly purchased the five songs from my first ever EP. On my reverb nation page, you will find a sneak peek (sneak listen? sneak...uh...hear? sneak...ummm...i need a coffee) from that album. I won't post the other four songs because I'm saving them for those twenty five people who put their faith in me and bought the songs in advance! And again, to those delightful people: I AM SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY. The other songs are coming -- I swear. Technical difficulties. Recording is hard. (I'm done whining now.! Weeeeeee! Waaaaaaa. There. Now I'm done.)

I hope everyone is having a happy Thursday/January/new year/miserable grey Toronto-y winter. So far, I am in love with 2009! Humans Anonymous went really well; I've got great friends; I haven't stuck to a single one of my resolutions; I've discovered vegan carrot cake; everything is as it should be. Also, just for the record, I liked 2009 before it even started, because 9 is my favourite number. It's the last single digit! (I know, I know...just like me. Hardy har.)

If you don't mind, please go here and become a fan:

(even if you kind of hate the song a bit. Or it makes your ears bleed or reminds you of your first boyfriend or gets stuck in your head for weeks at a time. I really need some fans.)

It's called Grey Suit Collar and Chris Stanton did the arrangement, as well as the vocals, piano and guitar. I wrote the music and lyrics and I sing with Chris in the recording.