Saturday, August 23, 2008

And anotha one... /

I have been invited back for a second day of autograph signings at the Fan Expo here in Toronto tomorrow, so please come and see me if you can!

I'll be signing autographs (well, I'll be signing silly pictures of David and I) from 1 to 4pm, right next to Battlestar's Aaron Douglas.

Here are the details:

My table is right at entrance D in the big main room. I'll be sharing a table with Aaron Douglas again, so come and meet the Chief, too!

(I'm a last-minute addition, so you won't find me in the program...
I'm mysterious like that...
Well, I like to pretend that I am...)

It's 2am and I should be asleep... /

Hi there! Just a VERY quick post to say that I will be signing autographs from 12:30pm(ish) until 3pm tomorrow (SATURDAY...which is technically today) at the Fan Expo at the Convention Centre here in Toronto. I'm a last minute addition to the con, but Aaron Douglas and I will be sharing a table, so come and meet us! Please! Otherwise, I'll be bored and he'll be all busy being famous and signing things...

Sleep. Now. Must. Sleep. So. Tired. Too. Many. Beers. See. You. Tomorrow.

(It's at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.)